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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Fan Email

Name: carl lafong
Phone: 202-998-5687
Message: you family and friends will be targeted and elimanated as you killed one of our brothers and you yourself will be
Name: Paul
Phone: 562 439 4544
Message: Robert.
I gave up hunting years ago. For you to shoot something that is soooo dog like, makes me wonder about what you are thinking? What a beautiful creature you killed. Could you not go in the Marines and kill something for our Country? If you already have, Semper Fi. Please think about what you have done.
Paul de Jung

Name: Bob Gunn
Phone: 406 270 4045
Message: Wow Bob, you sure are a real man, killing an innocent wolf with a rifle. I suppose with that scope ya could stay 100 yards away. Some sport huh? Why stop with wolves/ Why not kill all the animals and rid yourself all those old insecurities? Besides, that way you can build and sell all the houses you want. Then you can sit around and watch your 100 inch TV, cuz there'd be no reason to go outside anymore---only concrete and buildings cuz of idiots like you!!!

Carol (
Sat 3/06/10 6:42 AM
May God show you no mercy for your "trophy" killing of that young wolf. It's people like you who make this world such a very sad place in which to live.

Name: george erdelyi
Phone: 805-305-9244
Message: you are real tough guy shooting wolves. to bad cannot shoot back. should try viagra instead. gutless sack. hope your business suffers. all my info is correct; hope to meet you some day.

Name: Dylan
Phone: 212-666-6666
Message: I saw the dead wolf you shot on National Geographic. I just wanted to let you know that I am very impressed!! Good for you!!! Shooting the defenseless must make you feel great! I just wanted to inquire whether you can make sure I am located nowhere near a man like you.

Name: Dylan
Phone: 212-666-6666
Message: Robert Eeeh... Ignore my last email. I am sure you care less about my point of view, and it is none of my business to comment on what you do.

Name: Mary Beth
Phone: 651-702-4019
Message: Mr. Millage, I just finsihed seeing your name in National Geographic magazine with your "trophy" wolf. As one currently looking to purchase real etsate in your area, my hope is that your reckless regard for nature, as well as the planet,results in a significant drop in your business. Most sincerely, Mary B. Ptersen JD CLU ChFC
PS Think about it.

Name: Man of God
Phone: 8477825700
Message: Saw your kill in National Geographic....what a tuff guy you are....big rifle, big load to kill such a small animal....must make you feel so proud....a real hero to all....what a fool you are.

Name: Richard
State: California
Questions/Comments: Saw your dead wolf in National Geographic. So, you were able to kill a wild creature from a safe distance with a high-powered rifle. What a man! You should be proud. Gosh, if every beer drinking redneck in the country could do that, there would be no more scary wolves! PUSSY.

Name: Richard
Phone: 2065442158
Message: Hey dude, was that you that had your wolf kill pictured in the National Geographic article? If so, I must comment on your 'bravery' for killing a beautiful, wild animal. Good for you! Make you feel a little compensated for your small dick, you red neck punk? I only hope a pack of wolves catch you alone in the woods one day with your gun empty. They'll make quick work of your pudgy ass.

vivian said...
I saw the picture of your 'trophy' in are really a sick person. I can't call you a man, cause you aren't! Wish it was your balls in that picture, that is, if you have any which you probably don't. Your friend Mitch calls us animal lovers 'ignorant'..well, ignorant are those who kill for trophies and photos and self gain. And he can't even spell "exposed" heeheehee! ignorant!Men with small dicks hunt!!!

Name: Tony Dewly
Phone: 541-791-2216
Message: I hope you are very proud of the picture of your proud wolf kill in National Geographic. There will be lots of potential clients that want nothing to do with people like you!!!

Questions/Comments: you shot a, you're quite the Man

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Response to request to remove page that had all my personal contact info along with maps to find me posted, and stolen photos including my kids.

Please remove harassment content or I will report to athorities...disagreeing is one thing, posting personal info including address with intent to cause harm is another, not to mention posting of copyrighted material illegally from my photo blog... This is the one and only warningThanks,Robert Millage

"Let T…
Very well, it is removed, but no matter, millions of people all over the world have seen your details by now so fuck you.
And understand this: I do not simply "disagree" with you; I hate and despise you with every fibre of my being. Karma will get you eventually you evil cunt.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

They just keep coming, and threating in tone.....

E-mail : jason.burton@virgin.netReally well done you must be so proud killing wolves Robert . Lets face it your are a knob head, probably fucking you own sister you inbred hillbilly. As for the ranchers and the killing of livestock, big fucking deal, I'm sure we are not all going to starve and your losses are so great that you are all bordering on poverty (not). You kill wolves because you think the land you occupy belongs to you, and because its easy.

Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2009 14:17:42 -0700
Subject: You are a SICK KILLER
Robert I hope you think about about all the beauty you hunt and kill - YOU ARE PURE EVIL!
You are so goddamn repulsive- makes me sick to my stomach to see all the fantastic, wonderful, healthy and beautiful animals dying in your hands while you stand there with a hardon and a smirk on your face.

a word about about all the hunters in the office --- especially Robert‏
larry sanders (
- You should be sentenced to 25 years community service for all the animals you have hunted, tortured and killed for your ownsicko sexual pleasures...PUKE ON YOU AND YOUR FAMILY OF >>>>>>>>> DISGUSTING KILLERS-You should have your children taken away from you for involving them in your twisted killing activities

Lucy Parks (
Fri 9/18/09 2:48 PM
How's it feel to be the new poster boy for "Most Loathsome Person of the Year"? I'm sure Michael Vick is happy to hand the mantle over to you. (He may also have some spare dogs if your real estate gig keeps going south). I know all that matters to you is that your pappie and pee-paw are proud of you, but the rest of the world is appalled by your selfishness and lack of a moral compass! You will now and forever be known as the first man in 70+ years to hunt and kill a wolf in the US. "The First of the Lowest". Wow, what an honor! "Bob, The Keeper of the Low Bar".
You have a few choices:
A.) Admit you feel bad that maybe it wasn't such a smart thing to be killing an animal that was virtually extinct a decade ago, and just removed from the endangered species list in May. You would need to educate yourself on the reality of wolves and their impact. We know you can't/don't read books (per your facebook) but maybe this website with real data and facts might be worth a shot. It shows how wolves in Minn. and Canada have peacefully co-existed for years with little livestock and elk loss. You could have a major conversion and become an advocate for responsible hunting, have a Hollywood movie made about your life, or not. But this requires a flexible brain (the definition of intelligence), so let's assume that's out.

B.) Continue to think this is a big joke and post everyone's notes (selectively of course) on your blog to try to defend your indefensible actions. And this will further provoke those folks to keep on writing you (or maybe create a website in your honor?) and keeping you in this purgatory of hatred. Just wait until the year-end magazines and shows come out...we'll be seeing your face (and that dead animal again) as one of the worst persons of 2009. Something to look forward to. This could be a little cottage industry for you.

C.) Crawl in to your hidie-hole, take down your web page, change your e-mail and phone number and hope it blows over. Probably the most sensible option but it requires common sense. But wait, you are" Bob- the Mighty Wolfkiller" and that would be gutless for a man as brave as you ("they were howling all around me...whooo, so brave"). It would make your life and your loved ones lives easier, but it appears you are enjoying the notoriety (and not sleeping) and your delusional that someday your reputation (such as it was...looks like your weren't exactly on the rocket pad) will be cleared. Never gonna happen, cut your losses, pray we forget you and your thoughtless deed.

D.) GO FOR IT! Wear that "1st of the Lowest Humans on Earth"mantel with pride and go kill a few more of those pesky varmints. That will show those evil wolves who’s boss! Better yet, I hear there are only 35 Northern White Rhinos left on earth. Get some of your Jethro pals, hop on a 'jet aeroplane' (don't worry they're safe) and fly to a place called Africa. Bring your AK-47's and shred those bad boys! Wipe them off the face of the earth once and for all, and you will become "THE EXTINCTINATOR". Keep their heads, of course, to hang proudly in your hovel! This sounds like the most fun. Why not just be REALLY HATED and go massacre a ton of animals? It’s fun shooting things up right? Especially when your 14 (physically or mentally, it's all the same). Just do it.

E.) Hope it all ends soon somehow. Keep eating that red meat, looks like your’re avoiding cardio nicely and continue to milk this stressful situation. Pick up smoking maybe, drink more. What have you got to lose at this point?

Oh and one last tip. My friends and I were thinking of putting up a website of all the lucky Wolfkillers but we hear is beating us to the punch. Yes, you and the other mighty hunters the will have your own Hall of Shame...complete with mug shots...Mutants on Parade. Apparently, since the hunting licenses don't have photos they are having lots of success (and fun) in finding mug shots for a disproportionate amount of license holders, imagine that! Another reason for their family and coworkers to be so proud...and probably shocked.. Can't wail until that comes online.

So, I have a feeling this isn't over. I'll keep popping in periodically to check up on this little train wreck! Pretty entertaining's not everyday you get to e-mail the knuckle-head of the year. Cheers ducky!

E-mail : What Robert Millage did (and continues to do) was/is very wrong indeed. Those who harm God's creatures will have to answer for it one day, and that day can't come soon enough. He is a psycopath and should be locked away for the rest of his life. sick bastard.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More negative email...many many more at bottom of blog..

Thu 10/29/09 11:15 AM
Whom ever is 'advising' you, I suggest you fire them. If this is your own decision, from now on, try doing the opposite of your instincts, you'll be better off. (Like hunting on the first day...bad idea). Posting all of this only provokes more comments. Duh!And I don't need to know you from a hole in the wall. You are now a public figure, with your picture plastered around the world. And the vast majority of the people who see your photo (hunters and non-hunters alike), wince and think less of you for killing that animal. Those wolves were partially bought and paid for by taxpayer dollars, that makes this all of our business. So, we have every right to voice our displeasure with your selfish, thoughtless act. And by you treating this like some big joke is insulting and shows just how shallow you are. But the good news is, your thoughtlessness has inspired my next doc....I'll thank you in the credits. : )I hope it was worth 'the rug'.

Wow you really are an asshole‏
Thu 10/29/09 6:25 AM
GAME ON! I asked you nicely, but no.You are now officially MY NEW PROJECT! Hoooowl : )

Cindy Tyler Fernandez September 19 at 6:51amwill never understand how a person could do what you did and be proud of it. You know nothing about the family dynamics of wolves. I wish you would study those dynamics. They mate for life, they live in the same pack for life. Only the alpha male and female mate once a year. Their pups are born in Spring. The entire pack cares for them.

.Ever Heard of Karma?‏
Sat 9/19/09 7:16 AM
Hi Bob- I noticed my first note made your blog...I'm honored. I did notice that my second note is not there. Because it makes too much sense perhaps? Either way, I could care less, but take my email address off you blog. I wrote that to you when, my 7 yr old girl had just seen your photos, (she loves wolves has collages of them on wall) and was quite upset. Anyway I was angry, but I stand by my comments in both emails. If you have something to say to me feel free to email me. You can call me a lunatic again no big deal. But I don't want to get into a little tit for tat with every weirdo out there, on either side of the argument. So take my e-mail address off, or you're going to have yourself another problem.

How sick is someone that takes great JOY in slaughtering and butchering animals - MONSTER‏
Peter Sid (
Sat 9/19/09 12:33 PM
You are a fucking ASSHOLE and your entire family is perverted as well.
Wed 9/16/09 7:26 PM
Oh I'm a lunatic? That's funny coming from a guy whose has plastered his picture all over the world, dressed up like GI Joe, proudly holding the dead carcass of an animal that was just on the endangered species list less than 6 months ago? (A female no less. So you just killed over a dozen basically! Neat.) Most reasonable people might put you in that category. How does an animal that was extinct in the US (until being reintroduced in the 90's) come off the endangered species list and in 6 months suddenly need to be 'culled'? It makes no sense, they need time to acclimate. Just because your state allows it, most hunters with souls, brains and integrity chose not to participate because they knew it was wrong and too soon. And they appreciate the need for a predator, regardless how many cattle may be lost. (98 mil cows in US vs. 5K wolves, hmmm that works out to 1/2 a million cows for every wolf! You have a few to spare!) It's like watching the idiots running the last of the buffalo over the cliffs and wondering what on earth those fools were thinking? Most likely they weren't thinking anything, but I know it was stupid. And eliminating an animal that was extinct just a few short years ago is a thoughtless, selfish act. And your 15 mins of infamy reminds all of us that people like you are still out there and we haven't evolved much from those buffalo days. Good luck in your new post killing stage of your life. I look forward to seeing you on TV...maybe you could write a book? "How I Brought the Big One Down". Make a hat out of her head! Reality show perhaps? Lucky you.

chris harman (
Thu 9/17/09 10:10 AM
As a 10th generation American whose ancestors hunted for necessity rather than to hunt just to kill I find your want to kill a wolf offensive and cowardly. Hell, my 85 year great aunt could still shoot something at 25 yards and as she would tell you, any monkey can shoot and kill an animal. I've come to the conclusion that to kill just to kill indicates sever psychological problem and I suspect an anatomical one too. As a former hunter, I believe that all hunters should have to at best use a bow but if you really want to prove how tough you are, then how about evening the odds and hunt predators such as wolves, bears, etc. with a knife, then truly only the strong survive. Idaho where the men are men and the sheep are truly scared. Loser!
Wed 9/16/09 2:55 PM
Hey Redneck- You must think you are a really cool dude killing that big bad wolf, huh? Well guess what asshole, your doomed! I hope your're haunted for the rest of your days. Those wolfs will get revenge on you and your family, just wait. I have a feeling you may already begun to feel it... : ) Should have thought of that before you put those foul pictures up. I know you stupid rednecks think those wolfs are evil, but the only evil thing here is you and your ignorant pals. (Hey I bet your all 'Christian' too right?...too funny). I'm sure you have no idea what a balanced ecosystem is, let alone could possibly understand the importance of predators in keeping that in balance. All that matters to you retards is keeping those sheep and cows alive...after all, we only have 10's of millions of them, can't afford to let those poor ranchers lose a dime. You are a disgrace to your race, you ignorant fool. Tool on redneck! Higgity Higgity!

Website post

09/12/2009 07:13:57 PM EST
The Duesh Bag Brigade
posted by kmuzu What a dead wolf and the Tea Baggers have in common.

Robert Millage of Kamiah, Idaho simultaneously was the first person to shoot a wolf in the lower 48 states and be awarded the biggest duesh bag in Idaho. Millage a real estate agent, who is not affected by the wolf population killed the animal because it's illegal to kill people.
Millage fits the typical profile of a major duesh bag. Self centered, narcissistic and generally a violent, malicious asshole. The dude thinks God put wolves on Earth for him to shoot. As I said before I've nothing against hunting. People got to eat - so animals got to die. This is the nature of things. It's perfectly fine with me if a person kills a deer as long as they eat the meat.
Being an agnostic, I can only hope there is some karmic equalization and Millage ends up as some second hand prison bitch. He already has the gay goatee.
To me there's no difference between Robert Millage and the Tea Baggers who protested today in Washington DC.
As the New York Times put it:
A sea of protesters filled the west lawn of the Capitol and spilled onto the National Mall on Saturday in the largest rally against President Obama since he took office, a culmination of a summer-long season of protests that began with an opposition to health care and grew into a broader dissatisfaction with government. Thousands Rally in Capital ...
The New York Times should know better. This has nothing to do with health care nor is it about big government. Were there any protests from these retards when Reagan grew the deficit? This is clearly about racism. As one HuffingtonPost blogger put it, "It's a KKK rally without the hoods."
I don't know if I would put it that strongly, but certainly if you look at the crowd it is all white and they're concentrating almost exclusively on Obama. Racism definitely plays a major role, but I think more importantly is a loss of civility and community.
These are people who do not consider themselves Americans. To put it another way, they see a white America and a colored America. And now that a colored America has taken over, they want to separate - secede from the Union.
This racist feeling has been justified and sanctified by politicians and so-called news networks like FOX. Texas governor, Rick Perry has toyed with the idea of succession- even while his administration takes in millions of dollars in federal money.
I believe it stems from a damaged image of self. (I mean this sincerely) I wouldn't doubt if many of these people were either physically, mentally or sexually abused as children. The projection of hate and distrust is simply not rational.

These people have a kind of two year old image of themselves. They see the universe revolving around them. All of their problems, concerns and frustrations stem from an external force.

Millage believes the wolf has in some way offended or insulted him. Maybe it was because he read that a wolf somewhere killed a sheep. Who knows - but Millage has internalized this as something personal enough to go kill a wolf.

The same can be said of the Tea Baggers. They for some reason think that Obama has personally hurt or offended them in some way. That out of 300 million Americans, Obama has targeted them personally.

At the heart of it, it is some kind of mental illness.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


A no return address card, with a newspaper clipping where some one compares me to a Blackwater mercenary that likes to kill civilians....yes baby animals are cute, no I don't murder people.....and alienated from nature is about the polar opposite of who I am....

One of my favorites from a E.S. Kannos 969 Loopass Circle Evergreen, Co 80220

Anonymous letters get old....brave enough to send, but not sign or put return address??? Just the most recent example

Friday, September 11, 2009

Some of the worst posted online

A myspace page of some of my biggest fans

Via News Vine

Only an uncivilized, marginally developed genitalia, morally, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially deficient person, with criminal and sadistic tendencies, who prays on innocence and the voiceless, would consider beating his bodies to the punch by such senseless murder. Obviously, he could not beat his bodies to the punch by maybe finding a cure for Cancer, or feeding the hungry or, helping the needy because he just does not have what it takes to be a man. Shame on him and shame on all who take advantage of their privilege of being part of the mother nature, by killing, raping and maiming animals. And of course, back to the under developed genitalia and having no guts, they can't do it with bare hands and they resort to high power riffles. These are the same people that if they could get away with raping the children and their mothers and even fathers, they would. I bet this Robert BOY has molested a child sometime in his life!

I guess killing a wolf, made him feel like a real macho man or something. cause he is a pretty small limited guy in my eyes. People are worst than animals.

This is a sin against the white abomination against the noble wolf.......such a sadness, such a waste of a beautiful creature. The Native Americans who respect the earth and all it's life have every right to distain the government and the white man - after all - the president is half white. God help us. The rednecks be damned.....................

Man is the only animal who could disappear off of the face of the earth without a negative effect -- actually with a beneficial effect to the planet. I think that says it all.

there is no reason for these wolf hunts. let's put these hunters and other stupid people who don't like the wolf in the crosshairs.

White Fang
Friends of Animals called for a boycott of Idaho potatos. We need to go a lot further than that and boycott Montana, Idaho and Wyoming tourism. Think about it and there are little and legal things you can do everyday to cost this culture big money. I spent my summer vacation in Minnesota, a state that lives with and respects its wolves. Having vacationed regularly in Montana and Wyoming, it will be a helluva long time (if ever) I return to drop any cash in their states. Yeah, they lost $3,000 to $4,000 this year just from that. Wyoming and Montana's loss is Minnesota's gain and I plan to go there again next year. It is outrageous that Montana Governor Schweitzer publicly implores Judge Malloy not to interfere in the hunt arguing state's rights. Almost sounds like he is ready to join Perry and Palin in seceeding from the United States. He needs to be ousted from the Democratic Party together with Ken Salazar. The Obama campaign, likewise, will get no more donations or volunteer work from this writer fed up with their environmental double speak.

Killing for the sake of killing should be outlawed, period. You people should be ashamed and fear for your souls.
- misterhappy

Maybe they should start an open season on wolf hunters.
- Jamie-553631

Perhaps we could introduce people culling seasons. We have too many gun lovers and republicans. Lets cull some of those

No Party Affiliation
Agree 100% Ken! I don't consider hunters or ranchers to be necessary to society, much less viable human beings. What sport is there in hunting? The animals have no real chance. As for ranchers, like those in my state, they raise non-native livestock (cattle) that make the desert here even worse, and so they will get paid by the Govt, claim every dead herd member they find was a wolf kill. Both groups sicken me. Wolves (and other animals) are needed in the local and general bio-diversity, something Nature has been doing for billions of years. Modern humans have only been around for about 100,000 years yet most people have the gall to think they know what is best when it comes to nature. HA! Most, if not all, of those who advocate hunting couldn't survive without someone acting as their leader and telling them how to think. Mindless sheeple..what a terrible waste...mindless sheeple with guns = menace to all life.
@shil - alternative ideas: get a stun gun, stun baton, pepper spray, etc... people who own guns are much more likely to be involved in a gun related injury or death than those without them. Protect yourself, but why use as barbaric an item as a gun when there are so many alternatives? Go to your local Martial Arts school and learn self defense, have the wife and kids do the same thing. Why is a powerful killing weapon the best, or only, choice for "protection"? Hope you don't come home late one night and startle the wife who shoots you thinking she's protecting herself, or that your kid(s) get a hold of your gun and shoot themselves or a playmate. All-together too frequently happening these days, because no one is 100% careful with their guns. We're mere mortals, and thus make mistakes all the time

So because Wolves are "vicious" we should kill them? What about humans and our vicious behavior....maybe we should start sport hunting humans, help the over population of people.

Nobody really cares what you use to do your killing with. Only a bunch of redneck hicks would give a rats a** as to what you have. Why dont you take your kids out and rub them in blood and let them wounder around a wolf pack and see what it is like to not have a fighting chance

Baloney! Go to the elk feeding grounds any winter day and you will see thousands! It's humans that take the healthiest and best animals. Wolves take the weakest. It has been scientifically documented that wolves have IMPROVED the Yellowstone ecosystem.
Kill a hunter and save 100 elk!

Kill a hunter and save a whole herd of Elk. You worse then a wolf killing a sick Elk or deer. Most hunters only kill for the horns and nothing eles other then to say " Hey look at the 10 point I got last year" DEATH TO THE HUNTERS. Open season on hunters should start SOON

Yeah open a season on humans and maybe we will have a balance at last. We could solve so many of the worlds problems if we could get the human population under control.

Chris L.-339676
I for one think that the species which should be thinned out the most is homo sapiens. They can start with the right wing ignoramuses which preach mythology over science and who still get a thrill from killing other things. Artificial selection!

Defenders of Wildlife..........................

Cindy M.
1 week ago
Totally ridiculous. They are selling 70,000 tags to kill 220 wolves. Now what do you think is going to happend? This is going to be a field day for these hunters. They have been waiting a long time to do this. Want to see a Blood bath. Well just keep reading over the next couple of weeks because this is going to be the worse slaughter of wolves ever and they are going to love every minute of it. They are already posting pictures all over the internet of their kills and they are sad and sickening. Them with their cocky ass smiles knowing we are reading and watching this. They are rubbing it in our faces!!
This isn't going to be just go shoot a wolf and I am done. This is going to be bad!!!
This is a Sorry picture. How dare he poses this poor dead wolf on his bag as if it is a pet sleeping. These hunters a enjoying this. Don't ever think that this is going to be fair because it isn't

Defenders of Wildlife on Face Book
to many to even sort through so here is a link

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Positive

Hey Robert,
Hope things are going good up in God's country. I wrote you a quick hello e mail last week in support of the wolf hunt . I couldn't help but send you another one after reading a letter to the ediotor that appeared in the paper here in Idaho Falls. This letter appeared on sept. 9th, 2009. I thought you would get a good laugh out of it. Here is the letter.
" Wolves
Wow! What a great photo on the front page! One of God's most beautiful creatures hanging limp in the arms of her killer! That's a wonderful example to your kids. If you don't like what something (or someone) is or does, just kill it! Don't look for more humane answers to a problem you created in the first place. Only YOU count in this world. Those wolves were here long before people arrived and brought all of their self-serving rules and regulations with them. The sheep and cattle you claim to defend are destind for the slaughter house, so it's "money" you're defending- plain and simple. Wolves are carnivores. Cattle and sheep are meat. Do the math. What gives you the right to slaughter these magnificent, innocent creatures simply to fatten your walletts? You decided to become cattle ranchers to slaughter animals for money. They do it for food. Big bad hunters, so proud of yourselves. Give wolves opposable thumbs and a high powered rifle. THEN you've got a real test of skills. Sneak up on something and shoot it when it is totally unaware of your presence. That's called sniping in my book Oh, and Mr. Millage feeling that "adrenaline rush, having the wolves howling and milling about, " is just sick. The behavior they exhibited upon watching member of their family slaughtered is something called "grief", Wolves mourn, just as we do. Idaho you should be ashamed!"
Wow we have an expert on the meat industry, wolves, hunters, and ranchers! what a goofy lady! I laughed so hard about the part about giving wolves a gun and see what would happen. I can't believe people actually think food just appears on the table magically. She probibly took her kids to Mcdonalds to eat after wrinting this letter! LOL The adrenalin rush she states is one of the best feelings in the world I love it! Needles to say I am writing a letter to the paper in response to her anti letter . Hopefully it will be published.
I love your outdoor blog page WOW! I last track of time looking at it. It was so neat all of the pics. We are lucky to live in such a great state! Anyway I will stop before I write a book . Just wanted to let you read the article from the waco!
Is the turkey hunting any good during the fall up there? Always wanted to try a fall turkey hunt. How is the elk hunting around there was thinking of hunting up there possibly next year?
Have a great day...Brandt

CONGRATS ON THE KILL! I am from Montana and am at BYU, missing out on all the fun. Thanks for taking a stand and not shying away from the media, we need more people out there promoting hunting courageously like you have. Congrats again and Props on getting the first one! I'd love to see how you do the rug! Nathan

Hello RobertI hear your catching a lot of grief from people about your wolf that you killed. Sorry to hear about that don’t let it get to you, but I want to congratulate you on your success. I am from Montana and my family has a ranch here. The wolves have been killing our live stock along with our neighbors live stock off and on, but here in the last 5 to 10 years. Every year there are more and more kills. The government trapper has to take about 2 or more pack a year out of our area just to try and keep them in check. So to say the least we have a bit of a problem on our hands here. I plan to hunt a wolf in October when our season finally opens. It would be cool if I was the first person in MT to shoot one LOL. Well I been seeing them around a lot lately so my chances are good at getting one just might not be the first. Anyway good job and I hope you get one in 2010 if they open the season again. Thanks Jed

Dear Robert,I saw the news story regarding the wolf hunt, and I just wanted to say how disgusted I am with the people that are harassing and intimidating you. I am not and never will be a hunter, but I believe that hunting is something that should be respected and seen as a necessity. These people need to understand that not only were the first Conservationists hunters themselves, but by our very own presence in nature, we disrupt the natural balance between animals. Population control is essential to preserving the American way of life. Sportsmen and women get such a bad rap these days, but I guarantee you that most of the people throwing a hissy fit over all this are the exact same people keeping McDonald's, WalMart, and all those other companies in business. Being a Liberal down here in the South, I get heckled a lot as well, simply for walking down the street in the wrong neighborhood or something else equally benign and within my rights as a proud American. I too get harassed and threatened with violence. Seeing that article on the LA Times really aggravated me, and I just wanted to let you know that you have my support. Thanks, and keep up the good work.-Dustin from Florida

Hi Robert --
Just wanted you to know that we support you. We are sorry to hear of all the negative, hurtful comments. It's ironic that the people who highly value animals lives are threatening your life. We are praying for you.
Todd and Ingar

Hey Robert, I apologize for using your professional email for this but I wanted to send some support your way for hunting the wolves up there I am a hunter as well and think it is a noble thing. That of using hunting to manage wild life populations and the purity of tradition and heart involved. Thanks for being a hunter and fine representative of hunters and their rights and priveleges. Adam K.

I just wanted to let you know that not everybody is a crackpot and tocongratulate you on the first wolf killed in the new Idaho season. Don'tlet the crazies ruin this for you. My husband and boss have been avidhunters forever so we know what a thrill this must have been.Steph

congratulations on your successful wolf hunt! Be strong and do not let the green's wear you down. I will be purchasing my non-resident($$$) wolf tag soon and will hopefully join you as one of the successful hunters. I had 5 come within 15 yds of me last year. Pretty exciting. You were legal and within your rights to take this animal. Wolves have a place in nature but need to be balanced with the needs of the other wildlife. Good luck. Jeff

Hi Robert –
Congratulations on filling your wolf tag!
I am sorry you have to take all of the personal attacks from the spoiled brats (eviro-nazis). All-in-all, Robert, you couldn’t afford to pay for all of the publicity you have received for your real estate business.
If I have someone wanting to buy property in your area, I’ll send them to you.
Stay Strong!

Gary and I were so excited to see your picture in our local paper, with the great distinction of having the first wolf kill in Idaho! Congratulations!! I'm so impressed that you called them in! I think that would definately be the best way to hunt them... but it takes a lot of nerve... especially in the country you hunt in, where you can't see very far... and 25 yard shot is actually considered a long shot!!All of us that hunt in Idaho owe you a BIG Thank- You!! Suzee

"This stuff is really unbelievable! We will keep you and your boys in are prayers. " Jillian

Hey just wanted to say keep your head up! Hi you don't know me nore do I know you, I just saw you on the news about this stupid wolf thing and how all these people are mad at you for killing something that you had every legal right to kill. I think it is funny that if it was a dear no one would give a crap but because it looks like a dog everyone cares so much but I bet if they were confronted with a Wolf they would not be so against it! Just stay positive about this your awsome and Congrats on the Kill! -Nathan

Don't let the anti's get you down! As you stated, your family and friends are the only ones that matter. From another guy in S.E. Idaho, hoping to fill his tag!

Hi Robert, I saw your interview with Cam Edwards on N.R.A last night. I wanted you to know that I am very impressed with the way you are handling this egregious situation. A good sense of humor and a kind spirit wiil always prevail. I am convinced that all leftist activists have gall beyond the pale. They never have facts on their side but feel the need to arouse emotions,intimidate and resort to violence,typical socialist tactics! We as Americans need to stand up and defend our rights with unwavering resolve or we will surely become a "banana republic."The left is well funded but we, as American Patriots have God and our Constitution on our side. If He is for us,who can be against us?Thanks again..Keep your eyes open and your powder dry! Semper Fi...The Old Marine..Allen

Congratulations on your wolf, the first of Idaho's wolf season! Figured you needed a few extra "atta-boys" to counterbalance the hasslers. Sorry you are getting flack! Some people have nothing better to do! Hopefully WY will be able to follow suit before too long, but we aren't holding our breath! Sincerely, Randy and Cathy

I've read some articles about your sharp-shooting in Idaho. Nice job. We could use you in Wisconsin where the wolves are also out-of-control. While I'm not one who wants to see the animals extinct, I do think it's good to thin the heard and give these animals a healthy fear of humans. Happy hunting from Wisconsin!

Congrats on your wolf. I have been following this wolf thing for months. I also fish steelhead over in your area with my buddy Wilcox every year so you may know us. I have just noticed all of these threats you have been getting. I have been on the trail of one of them anti's for some time now and she has been the biggest one I see stirring the pot when it comes to you. Her name is Andrea Cook from Lake Elizabeth CA and she runs the wolf heart 4 the animals blogs as well as ask andi & kodi on myspace. I said that you were my hero on so I am next on her spot light though I already think I am 1 step ahead of her. She's a true nut but as far as I can see harmless. You never know about these people she gets rialed up though. You may want to report these things to the feds as they fall under the new internet terrorism laws. If you need help doing that let me know and I will see what my fed friends can pull for strings. Give me a call if you need.

I regret the negative responce to your success with your wolf hunt. I have worked all my adult live in the woods of Pa.,Co.,Id.,Or.,and Mt. I know of no animal that kills for the sake of killing, except the wolf. My hat's off to you sir, job well done. Tarry

Congrats on a great hunt.
And thanks for the dignified way you've handled the negative attacks that have been inappropriately directed at you. You're making hunters look very good.

Heard about all negative crap your getting. Just thought I would send email saying Good job and God Bless. Went hunting in area 33 and found tracks chasing elk. Hope I get one too. ThanksBrian

Awesome! Great job on getiing your wolf! No hate mail here, just a high five from a fellow realtor and hunter! People need to get a life! Mike

Hi Robert,
I know you've gotten a lot of negative feedback on your recent wolf kill.
I'm here to say, "good for you!"
I grew up there, still visit my folks that live further up the Woodland Rd from where your picture was taken by KREM the other day.
The last time I was home, I heard nary a coyote; a good sign the wolves have moved in.
I was also amazed to see the elk and deer moving right out into the farm land during daylight; a good sign the wolves are harassing them there.
There are a lot of idiots out there who think wolves are "nice" animals that would not hurt a human. They come face to face with one, they would probably change their mind in a hurry; especially if they had no means of protecting themselves.
Take care and don't let all the whackos spook you.
Congratulations on your kill.

Way to go Robert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are with you!!
Rex, Prescott, Arizona

sorry you are getting so much hassle over your hunt. keep your chin up and put in for another tag next year.although i have no plans to move to lewiston if i did i'd use your agency to find a place. Dave

Stay Stong Man.... "Hey, Great picture!! =) Glad to see you aren't letting all those crazy people in the city get to you. From what I have seen and read, you are a great diplomat for the sport. All the comments and things I have heard are from these idiots that live in Seattle or the city, and get to the "woods" twice a year on the weekend to camp 100 yards from a gas station. Congrats and have a good season." Patrick

"Good for you, man! Congrats." Bethe

Bob, Congratulations on bagging the 1st legal wolf.You probably feel like you just stepped in a big pile of crap. E-mail , if you've never heard of him he's a very conservative talk show host on AM 840 @ 3 to 6 PM. He believes strongly in the 1st and 2nd ammendments. He answers all emails personally and has mentioned you on his talk show. You could make this wolf kill a very GOOD thing. Good luck, Bruce ps, He mentioned that you were scheduled to be interviewed by a group who wants to educate America about the wolf problem, he's a friend of the founder. Bruce

Hi Robert, This is Mike in Salmon, Idaho. Congratulations on being the first person to kill a wolf in Idaho's 2009 wolf season! I was thrilled when I heard that a fellow Realtor bagged the first wolf in the state, way to go! I know you have been getting some grief from the bunny huggers, however, I think you are right, you will get more business because of the publicity you've gotten. From now on when I get any clients headed your way Robert I will send them to you. Make sure and let your Broker know that you have support from many of the Realtors here in Salmon that I've talked to. I was a Government Hunter and Trapper during the 70's, 80's and 90's in Northern California and Montana. I know all too well the crap you will be getting for awhile from the eco freaks, don't let it bother you. I do want to give you some advise Robert, I've been front page news, covered by the TV and radio media, just don't respond, all media wants is the controversy and will do everything they can to destroy you if it will get them better ratings, they are ruthless. Once again Robert, congratulations, you did good.

Mr. Millage
Good Job and Congraulations.

Thank you so much for your part in controlling the wolf population. Living outside Grangeville, my husband and I know well the detrimental impact the wolves have had on the elk and deer populations. Although wolves are a component of the ecosystem of this area, their numbers do need to be controlled. I am sorry that you are being harassed by foolish, thoughtless, and rude people who do not understand the situation. Please persevere in this challenging time. Again thanks for your part. Lisa

Congratulations on your wolf kill. Just wanted to let you know that we are on your side. We live in West Yellowstone, Mt. and have been in business here for 33 yrs. People come to the park to see animals. In the old days you could drive to Old Faithful in the evening and see several hundred elk. Today you would be lucky to see a dozen. The herd was estimated at 19 thousand in 1995 and 6 thousand in 2006. Not only did the wolves eat the herd down by 2 thirds, but they ate all of each years crop too. So. way to go. Too bad you didn't put a few holes in the rest of them. Paul

"I find it amusing that none of those idiots offer any type of solution. Just "You're a bad man!" Perhaps if they'd stop the name calling and think, they would be taken seriously. I'm half tempted to go out, get a wolf and put it in a dress and lipstick. Then I would take a picture and say "Well THIS one wasn't 'noble' was the hooker wolf and needed to be shot." How would they like that?" Mike

"Right on Robert!!! Nobody says anything about the innocent sheep that wolves "murder" every day! I still think that wolves and grizzly bears need to be re-introduced to Central Park and locations back east and see how much the bunny huggers like them then! Way to go! My hat's off to you!" Bev

Just wanted to say congratulations and thank you for doing your part to keep the people one step ahead of the wolves. Having been raised in Beaverhead County and having had our livestock harassed by wolves and knowing the people who had 120 of their rams killed last week it seems to me that anyone with half a brain (Guess that excludes the animal rights activists) know the best thing to do is to hunt them. When my Grandfather first came to Beaverhead County (about 1890)he was nine years old and his job was to sit in the barn and shoot the wolves that came to the corral to kill their milk cows. The old timers knew what they were doing. Hold your head up high and be proud that you helped out the farmers and ranchers.Again thank you,Sue

Mr. Millage,

I recently heard that you were getting harassed due to your recent hunt.
I know that you said that you have ‘thick skin’ but I wanted to let you know that there are tons of us that support you and other legal hunters for every extremist that is giving you ‘crap’.
Congratulations on your hunt!

I bet 90% of the grief you're getting for hunting wolves is from people who don't live in the Northern Rockies and aren't really affected by wolves or don't understand the issue. Just know that many, many of us know wolf hunts are necessary in order to manage the animal like bears and lions are managed. Have a good day, Mark

There may be people out there that think you are a piece of crap and a fat redneck for killing a wolf, but I sure would like to shoot one myself. To those of us who are avid elk hunters, you are a true all American, and all Idahoan hero. Thanks for having the patience and skill to rid us of one more shewolf. Jared

I here on the news that you are taking a lot of flack on the wolf kill. I want you to know that me and my entire office are in support of the hunt and your success. I have a tag myself. It is unfortunate that people make decisions when they are totally out of the area and out of touch with reality and don’t understand the impact the wolfs have had on our wildlife. Good luck.

I know you're getting a lot of bad press here lately and I just wanted to let you know I have family in Kooskia who are hunters and guides...and while I am not fond of killing for sport, but for survival. I believe the wolf killing is necessary. I know the devastation these animals are causing and I support the action Idaho is taking against these animals that should have never been brought into our state. So I just wanted to give you a pat on the back for doing your part...I hope the negativity around this starts to slow down. Have a great weekend. Meagan

Congratulations on your recent wolf kill!!!!! I wish we could shoot them here in Wyoming. Maybe some day. I am glad Idaho and Montana are going to begin making a small dent in the population. Tim

Hey you skinny redneck. Next time shoot one for me. Unbelievable the garbage you are getting from "people?". You have a good attitude. Don't let them get under your skin. John

Hey, don't let the West Coasters get ya down!!! Kudos to you for a beautiful animal! Amber

I just wanted to congratulate you on your successful wolf ! After reading the atricle(s)in many newspapers, the only downside I can see is that you didn't have several of your friends with you to take advantage of the ones circling and howling. Keep the faith, believe me, you do have many supporters out there. Best regards, David

Hi, Your'e probably getting sick of all this attention about the wolf you shot. I was just writing to say nice going and well done. I am a predator hunter up here in the Moscow/Troy area and was pleased to hear how you did it. You made it sound easy, but I am sure that it wasn't. I don't want to be a bother, but again, nice job. A real pretty wolf that you got fair and square. Please don't get discouraged by your detractors. Keith

congrats! "Hello, I just saw your picture in the Missoula paper. I am sure I am one of only a handfull of people that support you, or maybe I misread the story, and you are a poacher? I moved to Montana, after spending 23 years in Las Vegas, so I could be free, and live life. I think alot of those Vegas/California people really don't get it. You bought a tag, and legally bagged a wolf, but you are a murderer. I hit a skunk on highway 93 about a month ago, I suppose I could have run off the road to miss one of God's little creatures, maybe we will share the same jail cell. This is the same mentality I chose to leave in Vegas, people there are mad at the illegalls that cross our border, and "take all of our jobs", it's not their fault they want a better life, it's our governments fault for letting them slip through the cracks. Well, enough of my ranting, congrats on a nice job. Patrick

I'm sorry to hear some people are giving you a rough time. A good friend of mine had an article published about his bighorn sheep hunt on Monday and he got a negative reaction too, although not nearly on your scale. I shouldn't be surprised at the lack of knowledge and understanding about hunting but I am.
There are plenty of people cheering for you.

Congrats on a successful hunt!! Pics were awesome. Don’t let all the hippies bother you-
I can’t wait until my area (McCall Zone) is open-

I think it is horrible what people are saying about you. I think it is GREAT that you were able to get a wolf! I hope to get mine soon. Stormy

Hey Robert!
I think its hilarious people are calling you a fat redneck wolf killer!
I'm sure you have saved some live stock! Plus what a cool trophy! Are you keeping any part of it? Do they tan "wolf hair"?
I love the magic of wolves, but you did a good thing!
Karen Nampa, ID
PS I would like a wolf claw!!!!

Robert, hold your head up. The people throwing rocks at you right now don't and will never see the big picture and how devastating this wolf introduction has been to wild and domestic livestock. I hope that FWP will continue to let you folks hunt wolves in Idaho and here in Montana (Sept. 15).
Anyway, hang in there and have a good one!
Rich Waterloo, MT

Just wanted t tell you that I think the photo was awesome and I hope I`m that guy in Mt. Wolves have ruined my elk hunting spots and I can`t wait to get a little payback! Congats on a job well done. Jim

Hey,Sorry for the flack you're getting over the wolf. If I was looking at property in Idaho, I would definitely look you up. If you are ever up in Butte and need a Chiropractor, look me up and I'll treat you right and maybe even buy you dinner! Stay strong, I'm sure you won't be "flavor-of-the-week" for the environmentalist for... well... much more than a week!Your Bro in Butte,

I just saw on the news about all the flack your getting for killing the first wolf in Idaho. I hope that every hunter who got a tag can fill it this year. My family understands the damage that the wolves can do. These people who are upset about this do not have to deal with this predator in their backyards. So I just wanted you to know we think you have done a GREAT JOB. Congrats, STK

I want to congratulate you on getting your wolf. Please don't let the critiques get you down. You're right and they are wrong. My family started ranching in Southeastern Idaho in 1887. We know what wolves are. Bill

Robert, I read about your hunting success in the Star Tribune - Casper Wyoming, and I just want to say WAY TO GO MAN ! would you kill one for me next time. Craig

i havnt hunted for over 30 years and work with alot of guys who do every year and look forward to them brining in elk sausage for the crew. if you are the guy who got that wolf i have to say its too bad all this is happening to you. maybe some of these negative people would think different if they lived in an area where they heards of deer and elk are being wiped out. the guys tell me they go out to their favorite hunting areas to scout them out and see no signs of game. anyway good luck and dont let this stop you from buying a wolf tag next year. erv

Please allow my email address to remain anonymous, however, I saw your story on KXLY and just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that there are people out there who do support you and think the outlash of your LEGAL action is absurd. I am no hunter and am not particularly fond of it but what you did was within the law and I feel so bad for the hatred that you are being subjected to. Hopefully this will pass with time and your life will go back to normal, I just wanted you to be able to read one positive email because even with a tough skin I am sure it is hard.

Good Job "Good job for doing what you are legally entitled to do. Don't let the uneducated idiots get you down. Keep you head up. The logical are behind you...." Vickie

Hi Robert, I know you and I don't know each other, but I just want to tell you that I don't think you are a "murderer". Good job on your kill and don't let anyone get to you. I appreciate you helping control these animals like we need. Ashlund

Congrats on the wolf kill. I just wanted to send you a positive note! I am heading up to my elk hunting grounds to chase some wolves this weekend. Don't worry about the threats on your buisness, there are plenty of guys like me out there. I am a contractor in the Boise area.I have been told that my pro hunting and second ammendment views would hurt my opportunities. 16 years later and I see no signs of that! Wouldn't want to work with one of those nutballs anyway! if and when I move north, I will look you up! Keep your powder dry! Steve

We are behind you. We do not hunt but live in Idaho and know about the drastic reduction in deer and elk numbers directly related to the wolves. Deer now camp out in the city of McCall to avoid the wolves and hunters we know, have no deer or elk to hunt because the wolves have reduced their numbers in drastic numbers not reported. Anyway, we do not hunt but if I did, I wish I could be the first to fill a tag. You have a lot of support from the people who know what is really happening. Your negative feed back is from people who are ignorant of the subject and avoid their own problems by focusing on anything else which in this case is wolf hunt. Sincerly, Kayleen

"You are a hero of hunters,you did nothing wrong but the right thing,sorry to see the Bunny Huggers attacking but they know no better as soon as 14 opens up I will be there,we know where the are down here.Be strong Hugh

GREAT JOB, Congratulations. I applaud you as do thousands of good people who know that wolves MUST be hunted.

"Been following the paper and news lately. Just wanted to offer a positive note of support. You've done the state of Idaho, its sportmen, ranchers, and the elk a great service. Congrats and thank you. Joe

Awesome sir...excellent hunt and great wolf! Just sending ya some support and cant wait to get mine...keep the chin up and congrats bud!! Guy

Way to go...should have shot a few more!! I have shot a few up north in BC, they make a great mount!

I want to congradulate you on your wolf kill. My husband I live in Missoula, Mt and are both avid hunters. We are looking forward to our wolf season which starts later and axiously awaiting the ruling from Judge Malloy. Wolves need to be managed just like any other wildlife and their numbers are becoming too high in my opinion. Nice pictures and a nice clean kill. Once again, congrats. Barbara

Hello my name is Joe. I have seen all of bad crap that is being said about you and wanted to say Congrats on getting to shoot a wolf. I would like to invite you to join our hunting website, it is a hunting site for hunters that are mostly in washington, but we have a few post with you in them. We would love for you to join and share your story. Also you will see all the real supporters of this cause to manage the wolf population in the Northwest. Here is the link to the website: you get to this site just go to the forums.Thanks again and make a good mount with your great kill. Sincerely,Joe

I am sorry you are having to deal with those negative calls and messages. You followed the law and saved a rancher some $. Hang in there. I myself will be looking forward to my elk hunt up near Howe. Nitin

Congrats on the wolf!!!! I hope they fill every tag sold. I am from MT originally and I am sick of what those animals are doing to the herds. Don't listen to the city hippies that don't know anything about wildlife. Just know that you have 100 supporters for every nasty message that you get. Darren

Good job on the wolf.....PLEASE, do it again. Signed: the remaining elk & deer in Idaho. My real name is Grant and I live in Pocatello. Just thought I'd balance the mail a little.

Just wanted to say a quick congrats on a fine looking wolf! I'm in Southern Id and love coming up there by Kamiah to hunt turkeys. That looked like it would be so fun to try for a wolf. Cool pics! Anyway didn't mean to tie up your work email just a quick hello and support from a fellow sportsman!
Take care,

I just wanted to say "Good for you"! Wolf tags are for sell, you shot them, people need to get over it! My boyfriend has been chomping at the bit to get a tag for the last year, and now that he has one, he just needs to find time to go and get one. I am not a hunter, but he is, and I have no issue's with people hunting anything that is legal to hunt. I do believe that the wolves need to be managed and fish and game is doing the right thing. You kill was very beautiful by the way, and just wanted to drop a line to support you and all other hunters that take advantage of a great oppurtunity to hunt the wolves. Keep your thick skin, and I would have no problems of responding for you to a few of the people that do not agree with what many people are doing in managing these animals.

Just read a quick blip on the start of the wolf season - sorry to hear how you've been treated - but I for one, am very happy to hear you have begun to help manage this "great idea" that someone had in Washington for the re-introductions of wolves. Maybe if they would have opened a season when they said they were going to, there would not have been as much animosity or for that matter, there would still be elk left to hunt instead of wolves.Take care of yourself - If I ever have to move to Lewiston - I will make sure I look you up to help me find a place to live.Aubree Boise, ID

I read about the bad-mouthing you've been getting about the wolf hunt so I thought I'd send you a note, from a total stranger, to simply say "nice shooting!"

"I am not sure if you are the correct guy, but if you were the one to bag the wolf, GREAT JOB! My husband and I have seen a couple from far away, and of course sign of them everywhere. What we are not seeing is the deer and elk that used to be in the area, not to mention the distruction to cattle and sheep farmers. Keep the thick skin and Congratulations! Wendy

You do not know me and you do not have to respond, but just wanted to say congratulations on your LEGAL and successful hunt. The people that are harassing you live in urban cities and need to have a week of living in wolf country to understand the PROBLEM. Keep your chin up and if you need a good taxidermist let me Don

Congrats of the wolf hunt! The rest of those tree huggers that are whining about lawfully taking a predator, well they can just pound sand! Good for you!. Scott

I just read the article about the dump ass's harassing you, I think it's great and if I was in the area I would buy a house from you. I live in Boise and love to hunt and think it's great you shot a wolf whether it's because you hate them because they kill Elk and Deer or you truly wanted to shoot a wolf I think it's awesome you had the opportunity to shoot one, We are heading to the Sawtooth's next week to an area we've seen a lot of wolf's in the last few years, if we are successful I will send you some photo.s.
Don't let the assholes get to you there is more people that will support you then hate you it's just the environmentalist are louder.

THANK YOU!! Just a quick email to offer support and don't let the WOLF PIMPS get you down! Your d oing the right thing! Again, THANK YOU! Tom

I saw about you wolf kill in the Bozeman paper. Whoever is giving you grief is full of crap! Haven't these people ever heard of wildlife management. Here in CA they outlawed mountain lion hunting and now we have them roaming at night in town. Give me a break. Martin

Wolf Kill Congrats !!!! One down hundreds to go !!! We need all our hunters to buy Wolf tags and show our support for getting rid of them. Our elk and deer herds are suffering...(as well as livestock)... I am sorry you are getting such angry responses..... not from me !!! Good Job !!!

Hey Robert, Hang in there. For every wacko wolf lover there are probably 100 to a 1,000 who support you and support managing wildlife. So many people get out of balance by focusing on one narrow view. We weren't put here on this earth to worship the creation, as so many of these people do. It's ironic that they are so hateful toward other humans yet they idolize animals, trees, water, dirt, worms, snails, etc. And they want to force their beliefs on everyone else. Ben

Robert, congratulations on being the hunter to get the first wolf! Debbie

HI Robert,
I just wanted to extend my congratulations to you on your wolf kill! I read about it on line this morning in the Spokane newspaper.I have been following it closely and am hoping they leave the season open.I haven’t been on hunting net much and they can’t seem to restore my original password.Doesn’t matter really.I hunt out of Elk River and will be out there in mid November,this will be the 11th year in a row.I have spoken to you before about my hunting out there.I am really pleased for you!
Let’s just hope common sense prevails and the season stays open!!!

I just wanted to say thanks. Your timing of harvesting a wolf couldn’t have been any better. My hope is that the judge in Montana and other undecided people see how harvesting a wolf on the first day the season opens, is not that difficult due to the numbers we have. I am sure you are inundated with emails, good and bad. But no matter how you respond to the bad ones they just won’t get it. Good luck on the rest of your season Robert.

Hi Mr. Millager, my name is Fred. Congrats on your wolf, however some animal rights nutjob has posted your personal information; home phone, cell phone and e-mail address in the comments section of the Idaho Statesman and is encouraging all the other nutjobs to contact and harrass you. This ticks me off to no end and I have reported it to the paper. Hopefully you can bag a animal rights nutjob as well by suing their butts. Fred

Monday, September 7, 2009

The bad.....

TAMMY PHILLIPSPhone: 337-396-9785Email: TSPHILLIPS7991@MSN.COMMessage: Chief Seattle said "What is man without the beasts? If all the beasts were gone, man would die from a great loneliness of spirit. For whatever happens to the beasts, soon happens to man. All things are connected." I hate all hunters and I hope you rot in hell for murdering an innocent wolf that never hurt you.

I saw your blog -‏
Someone over here! (
you are a MONSTER - teaching your children, wife and friends to destroy nature sickens me. Why not protect, enjoy and celebrate all those incredible animals rather than slaughter them?Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Manson, Michale Vick and YOU!

TAMMY PHILLIPSPhone: 337-396-9785Email: TSPHILLIPS7991@MSN.COMMessage: Chief Seattle said "What is man without the beasts? If all the beasts were gone, man would die from a great loneliness of spirit. For whatever happens to the beasts, soon happens to man. All things are connected." I hate all hunters and I hope you rot in hell for murdering an innocent wolf that never hurt you.

Zia R. KhanPhone: 925-555-1212Email: ziarkhan@att.netMessage: Don't know if you are Robert Millage, Realtor. The man who "bagged an adult female wolf near the Lochsa River" If you are, I wanted to share with you that hunting is Not wrong if you are doing it for survival and are doing it without using sophisticated weapons against a defenseless animal. How would we feel if aliens invaded our planet and said" it was a rush to have those human beings all aound me, howling and milling about after I fired the shot" as they kill our fellow humans. Killing an animal just to get joy out of killing it is not very brave or kind. There is always hope and I hope you will stop killing animals that are not out to get you and are minding their own business.

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Talk T…
9/1/2009 9:01 PM
Bet ye real proud of yeself being the first one to kill a wolf in Idaho,I hope ye and ye fellow hunters have many many many hunting accidents,including the youngs ones!

Cherok…Marti Brewer
9/1/2009 10:36 PM

Jennif…Jennifer Eve
9/2/2009 8:14 AM

Póg mo…Irish Cornaire
Ye are being watched!
9/2/2009 8:30 PM
Ye are a slug sir,hope ye die in a hunting accident but by an animal,now thats would be grand karma!

Becky Wheelock 9/3/2009 3:42 PM
wow how proud you must be to be the do you have the heart to shoot a dog?The poor wolves.I wish I could warn them about you.They have every right to live too.I sure dont want to be near when your carma comes back to you...ASSHOLE

deborah rybka
9/6/2009 2:12 PM
your killing gods fur babies your no better than sara palin feel his pain (picture of Jesus included)


EMAILS............ I hope you feel real proud of yourself, to kill a alpha female is like killing your childs mother. God will pass judgement upon you. Bad luck to you sir, the spirits will see to that!!!! April

susan bonfryPhone: 317-535-2053Email: carpet1@aol.comMessage: Quit killing things!!! You are one redneck bastard!

Lisa TheunissenPhone: 347-404-5553Email: lt2231@columbia.eduMessage: Dear Robert Millage, I see your image on the NY Times, and it makes me so sad. I don't want to call you names. I just wish I could make you feel differently about the creature you killed, and the hundreds more which will die. What a loss for the world. How destructive! I wish there was something we could do to make you SEE it. Lisa.

Dan MartinPhone: 617-230-0499Email: dan_martin419@yahoo.comMessage: You sick fucking bastard. What gives you pleasure about shooting a female wolf or any other animal for that matter? I would never hire you as a Realtor. I hope someone shoots you for a change.

One of my favorites, very creative with the who it is from......
Michael Vick Address:1313 Peachtree Drive City: Atlanta State: GA Zip: 36016 Email: Questions/Comments: Just because it's temporarily "legal" to hunt and kill a wolf doesn't make it right (at least it shouldn't in your mind). Are you and your family enjoying eating that wolf meat? Did you hunt because you're hungry? Do you and your family enjoy looking up at the stuffed wolf's head over your fireplace? Was it really necessary and worth it? Curses on your and your horrible state.
Watch your back Redneck, wolves are not the only ones that are now being hunted!!!! Coward! for taking pride in killing that incredible animal- I wish some day that if you ever have a dogthat you think of what you did. SHAME SHAME SHAME on you
So you kill a dog with a rifle at 25 yards and sell the photo to the AP. Assholes like you are the reason guns and hunting will soon beoutlawed in the USA. You're one tough girl aren't you. My dad taught me to be sure what I shot 'cause I was sure as hellgoing to EAT IT. I don't see you eating that poor dog. You obviously didn't have a father you bastard. ...Or did daddy love you TOO LONG and TOO HARD! Either way you have set back guns, hunting, and wildlife managementfurther than your shit brain will ever realize. I only wish you were near me- I'd come see you- PUSSY You really fucked yourself- Like father, like SON. Charles Questions/Comments: it is appalling that you take pride in murdering wolves.

Stephanie Le Calvé September 8 at 11:30am Report
You should felt shamed for the awful thing that you made.But I suppose you are proud, kill a wolf with such a gun is so difficult...You make me sick.See you in hell

Letter Addressed only as from Kallispell Montana
To think that this beautiful creature will never run wild again because of a sick blood thirt (line through) thirsty moron like yourself is almost too much to think!! I love hunting accidents. I hope you get yours soon.

SJANSON@NSD131.ORGMessage: You discount those who express their horror at the pictures you so proudly publicized as somehow pointless rhetoric. To someone devoid of respect for life that may seem true. The point that you are missing, however, is that there are many people who understand, and painfully agree that something must be done to manage the man-made problem of the proliferating wolf population. Unlike you, they do not glorify the ugliness. Only a small, small man would. I have a sick feeling that you are right, however, in predicting that you will have a sorry lot of sick individuals that go out of their way to help you in business. But when it comes down to it....who wants to live in Kamiah anyway? In case you want to add this to your list of "hate mail" correspondence...don't bother. I don't hate you. I pity you and your family who must be deeply ashamed of you.

JeffPhone: 310 395 1092Email: jbk1069@yahoo.comMessage: Nice going champ! Killing a wolf with a gun takes no balls. That's very obvious from your picture...Karma my friend will be your downfall.

You senselessly slaughtered a beautiful, healthy, majestic and rare animal. To look at you in the photo cradling that beautiful animal like a baby and smiling with pride as if you have justsaved it, when instaed you hunted down and destroyed it. You should be ashamed instead of proud. I am so disgusted I am seething with rage, that was a rare animal, one of only a few thousand in the continental United States. There is no GLORY in destruction dude - you are as low as Michael Vick and Jeffrey Dahmer killing for your own perverted thrills. What will you do next? poison some bald eagles? or torture some bison? hey I know why not chase down some foxes and poke their eyes out for fun, yeah that is getting you excited I can tell. Again, CONGRATULATIONS man you're a special kind of guy! you don't have any pets do you? I shouldn't have asked you are probably saving them for the day when you can't find something rare to kill.

Bill SchmittlePhone: 760 902 4447Email: wivrrat@starband.netMessage: Your a SICK, fat, lazy son of a bitch. I hope there is enough karma in this world to pay you back for your reckless slaughter of the wolf. Remember when the bad luck starts, that it is payback for your killing attitude.

AnitaPhone: 828 883 3632Email: neehouston@gmail.comMessage: Amazing! You Killed that beautiful wolf just because you could. I am so proud of your amazing accomplishment! If we gather enough ignorant people together we can soon eradicate all the wolves in the world. then we can start on the ignorant people.

ConniePhone: 440-282-5883Email: Greenjwl2@aol.comMessage: I think 99% of people would rather see a living, breathing free wolf than a dead one. Have you no EMPATHY? Try putting yourself in that wolf's body and feel what he must have felt. YOU FAT JERK!!!

Kim Leahy Address:PO Box 8876 City: DeLand State: FL Zip: 32721 Email: Questions/Comments: How pathetic that your biggest achievement is murdering an animal. what a brainless yahoo you must be.

Deven has left a new comment on your post "Wolves Howling": Listen to the wolves crying for their dead kin. Listen to the pups mourning their dead parent. What an awful sense of nature you have.Kill all the wolves and then this recording will be all you have of their lost voices.

wolf loverPhone: 213-213-2132Email: poopoo@yahoo.comMessage: well, obviously you ARE fat, and you ARE a red-neck, and you DID murder a wolf-what are you complaining about? if you need an adrenaline rush, why dont you just masturbate, since you will be single FOREVER-unless betty lou says yeth

JoanaPhone: 2125556768Email: jwjw565@excite.comMessage: The info below is mythology...however, you really messed with your Karma in killing for no other reason except for the fun of killing a revered and wondrous animal. SHAME on you for choosing to kill as a hobby. One day, hopefully, you will see the folly of your ways. Is it okay to kill dogs? What is the difference? In Altaic mythology of the Turkic and Mongolian peoples, the wolf is a revered animal. The shamanic Turkic peoples even believed they were descendants of wolves in Turkic legends. The legend of Asena is an old Turkic myth that tells of how the Turkic people were created. In Northern China a small Turkic village was raided by Chinese soldiers, but one small baby was left behind. An old she-wolf with a sky-blue mane named Asena found the baby and nursed him, then the she-wolf gave birth to half wolf, half human cubs therefore the Turkic people were born. Also in Turkic mythology it is believed that a gray wolf showed the Turks the way out of their legendary homeland Ergenekon, which allowed them to spread and conquer their neighbours. The Capitoline Wolf with Romulus and Remus. Musei Capitolini, Palazzo dei Conservatori, Rome. According to the Roman tradition, a wolf was responsible for the childhood survival of the future founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus. The twin babies were ordered to be killed by their great uncle Amulius. The servant ordered to kill them, however, relented and placed the two on the banks of the Tiber river. The river, which was in flood, rose and gently carried the cradle and the twins downstream, where under the protection of the river deity Tiberinus, they would be adopted by a she-wolf known as Lupa in Latin, an animal sacred to Mars.

DevenPhone: 941-906-8809Email: devenator57@hotmail.comMessage: I hope your company fails.I hope you get loads of hateful email. I think you are a jerk.
I just thought I would take a minute to educate you on wolves, since you seem to take no regard for their lives.
They are extremely intelligent animals, something that cannot be said for yourself of course! They also play an extremely important role in the natural balance that exists in nature, or at least used to exist before humans such as yourself started "helping" mother nature.
For the life of me I cannot understand how you could take pleasure in the killing of a wolf, or any other animal for that matter.
May God have mercy on your poor unenlightened, uneducated soul.
Sherri Gage Questions/Comments: Perhaps you could really have a good day and run over some squirrels or neighborhood cats but then that wouldn't give you the 5 minutes of fame you so desperately need to promote your business. Too bad....

ScottPhone: 415-407-6964Email: labcsc@hotmail.comMessage: Dear Sir, I dont want to be hateful to you or even rude, but I dont think you realize the spiritual implications of what you have done. You are a murderer, you have killed one of the most sacred creatures on this planet. It would perhaps be different if there was a "need" to kill for your survival. I am going to pray for your soul, and pray for the creatures you and your fellow uneducated sportsmen are hunting, we do not eat wolves and fur is not necessary in this day and age. I am a practical man but very spiritual, and the wolfs re-introduction into this continent after white european people destroyed it and buffalo to control the native americans during the time they were taking over this country has been difficult enough. You have robbed the earth of a valueable soul. You have upset the natural order of god that hasnt even been set straight yet. I will pray for you, and I am so sorry you dont even show remorse, only god can judge you, I hope you are confident that what you did wont effect you in the end, I am confident it will, therefore I will pray for you

Elizabeth HemenwayPhone: 406-498-9429Email: lizh_56@msn.comMessage: Robert,Let me start by saying- I love wolves.I also understand the importance of protecting the ranchers and their livestock.My question to you is... If you know that this is a very heated controversy, and we all know animal rights folks can show alot of emotion, WHY DID YOU POST THOSE PHOTOS? I think showing them to your friends and family would be great, heck start scrapebooking...The negative comments you are receiving, is because you have CHOSEN to put them in the face of the animal rights folks,the general public and the media.Although I don't like killing, I dis-like the "Hey, look at me" photos even more. Good luck...Elizabeth


Janine CovertPhone: 208-380-9042Email: J9Covert@yahoo.comMessage: I was absolutely sickened today when I saw the smirk on your fat face as you held that MURDERED wolf. I hope you enjoyed your adrenaline rush, you bastard. The reason the other wolves were howling and milling around , as you said, was that they were distressed that you killed one of their family members. Why is this acceptable to you? I can not adequately put in words how I loathe you and all other people who kill for sport. Janine Covert

Because wolves are extremely family-oriented, and they mate for life. They are excellent parents - their parenting skills could serve as great examples for humans.
The people who are upset about killing of wolves honestly do care about the wolves. They have a great respect for wolves.
We have the belief that killing is not the answer to controlling any animal populations. There are better ways. I've seen the life leave an animal through her eyes, and it's an emotionally devastating event for those of us who care for and respect animals.
Sherrill Durbin
Mounds, OK
Im not threating you, im calling you a COWARD
I hope you meet the same fate as the wolf you murderd!!!!! Fuck you and all hunters who kill helpless creatures of the forest!!!
I hope you don't have any children let alone maybe a family pet such as a dog? How would you feel about losing one of them? That's what you left the rest of this pack of wolves feeling like. You are a true coward and a disgusting part of this Human Race. It would give me pride to choke you until you were purple in the face you selfish Bastard!!
Mr. Millage,I'm looking for property, but, since you're a wolf killer, I'm not going to buy it from you. You're a terrible person.Nora Gardner

mary kellyPhone: 6303382262Email: mkelly128@sbcglobal.netMessage: have you no mercy in your soul for the poor creature you killed? you should be ashamed of yourself! i hope everyone knows how sick you are. you will answer to God for the terrible thing you did to his wolf..

Nick has left a new comment on your post "My first, and very successful day of Wolf Hunting....": Congratulations. You killed two animals with an expensive gun wearing camouflage. It must be a challenge to do that. What else do you do for fun? Hit children at the park? Kick old woman to the ground? You should be proud.

mick griffinPhone: 4159990099Email: mickgriffin@comcast.netMessage: You wanker, think you're a tough guy killing an innocent wolf from 25 yards with a rifle?? Wild animals have the odds stacked against them from conception till death, the last thing they need is a useless cunt like you to come along Maybe with a knife or your bare hands, that would be should be ashamed of yourself, hopefully our paths will cross one day then we'll see, you pathetic excuse for a human.....

SuePhone: 208-935-2001Email: shamber51@yahoo.comMessage: Y'know, Robert, you have no idea what an ignorant asshole you look like--and act like--do you?.

lauraPhone: 480-227-9551Email: laurmen@prodigy.netMessage: WhoWouldJesusKill? Fuck you and your gun(feel more manly do ya-making up for something lacking maybe?) for killing one of God's more brillant creations. Make sure next life you dont come back as a Gray Wolf.Happy dreams asshole.

Patricia SmithPhone: 428-386-3351Email: psmith65@yahoo.comMessage: You should be ashamed to kill such a beautiful wild animal as that female grey wolf. Shame on you. God does not look kindly on those that destroy his beautiful living creations for sport.

I was afraid you wouldn't read my email. If I were being inundated with vitriol from people, I'd probably stop reading them completely. It would be too upsetting and depressing for me. I hope it helped to know that I don't hold you in contempt and I can accept people having different points of view. I'm glad you were able to see from my email that at least one person is being reasonable and knows that you have done nothing wrong. Even in the media there's little attempt anymore to be neutral and at least consider opposing views, let alone carry on a civil conversation. (If you tune in to and of the cable news networks, they just line up people from opposite camps on the issues and have them argue and shout at each other, which I feel encourages the behavior.) It sounds like you and I are very much alike in that we appreciate calm, reasonable debate. I agree it is the only way that issues will be resolved and I too feel that obscene language and threats are un-American. I feel strongly that people should accept that not everyone is going to share all of their views, and at a point they should agree-to-disagree and respect the other person rather than devolving in vicious insults and threats. What a boring world it would be if everyone agreed on everything!
Your email was well thought out and you sound like a very reasonable, intelligent person. I say again that I'm sorry you're going through the nightmare of harassment that I imagine is being thrown at you. I hope it ends very soon!
Take care and thank you so much for responding to me. I really appreciate that and it made me smile to know that some of what I said may have made you feel a little better. If I'm ever looking for propery up North (I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area), I'll contact you.

Jeff Baumann (
from 25 yards? wow you must be a great shot!! Now you going to eat that thing or just hang it on your wall like a cool dude? next time try a knife hunt and give your game a little more "game"!! you hunters are so full of shit thinking that your really living the wild with your riffle and scope. must have been tough. got to say you are the real outdoorsman! Had to beat my friends to the punch, your kids or wife or family should be proud. sorry but you just started the wolf back on its road to extinction!!! just got off the list too!! what's your hurry riffle boy?? go sell a house..............
Jeff Baumann HT (ASCP)cm

Joe BobPhone: 214-368-4892Email: dagrrg@aol.comMessage: Shame on you. Taking such pleasure in killing an innocent animal. I'm not some crazy animal rights person, but your behavior is disgusting to me. I hope you get a flood of e-mails that disrupts your business. You would deserve it.

Megan Marchetti (
I wanted to let you know what a sad man you are. If the only thing that makes you feel alive is killing something else and then enjoying the sad howls of its pack, then you must have a very sad existence indeed. I will do my best to network with family and friends in your area to make sure that they never contact you or use your business.
Most wolf fatalities were pre-20th century. In the last fifty years the researchers could only find records of something over seventeen people killed in Europe and Russia, and none in North America - coinciding with the decrease of the spread of rabies in these regions.Factors predisposing wolves to attack people were identified as:
Rabies - the main factor.
Habituation - when wolves lose their fear of humans and approach too close.
Highly modified environments - this includes few natural wolf prey, human poverty and large numbers of unattended small children, characteristic of pre-20th century Europe and India today
Provocation - when humans molest or try to kill wolves.
Perhaps the reason that wolves seem to be such a threat to you is that you are taking their land and selling it so you can compensate for your own shortcomings.
What comes around goes around and I hope your demise it not surrounded by your own family howling in pain as someone who has a gun shoots you with out a real fight. Sad to think about huh? Perhaps you could hunt for the reason of food. But killing for pleasure makes you a murderer and sad and pathetic human.
You are a stupid jerk for killing a wolf. I don’t mind hunters who hunt to eat what they shoot, but killing a wolf is for enjoyment only. I hope your business fails and you go bankrupt. You don’t deserve to be in this world. Shame on you.


EricPhone: 555-555-5555Email: e_rigling@yahoo.comMessage: Really man? Some things are legal to do, but just don't make sense to anyone. For example, you could call a hooker to your room in Las Vegas, and there is a stipulation that you could ask for the most diseased one out there ("I want the one with two types of herpes, the clap, and have you got any HIV?"), but no one does. It is in your legal right to go hunting wolfs. That law change was really designed for the farmers who want to protect what is theirs. Not for jack asses who want to stuff a wolf and put in their den. (I know a wolf den, bad word choice.) I am all for hunting, especially when you do eat the meat of what you shoot, but going out to be a predator for no apparent reason then to prove your masculinity is down right stupid. I have a few questions for you: Is your cock that small? Did you have a bad dream one time where fuzzy animals were chasing you? And in conclusion. You are the problem with this country, and I am a republican, NRA supporter. Just because you are allowed to doesn't mean you should. Eric

Janice BrowningPhone: 978.273.4367Email: browningmediaworks@gmail.comMessage: I witnessed your interview this morning on the Internet. Can you explain why you wanted to kill this female wolf with your high-powered rifle. What is the purpose that drives you to kill and strip the animal of her body and dignity and her life? And now you plan to WALK ON HER SKIN? Please consider the sixth mass extinction that has been created by homo sapiens. You must be an educated person to run a real estate business. Please look into the balance of nature and how your actions seriously and adversely affect it. Have you considered this female may have been protecting a family? Even if not, why do you have a right to take her life? Hunting and killing may have been justifiable a century ago, or more, when the animal was used entirely; I want to know how you justify your killing of this animal, debasing her, leaving her remains rather than fully using them to feed your family. Those millions of us who watch this hunt in horror conclude the actions of hunters are justified by improving your self-image of manhood. What other reason can you offer? Janice Browning

Dead WolfPhone: 847-455-1319Email: deadwolf@nothappy.comMessage: Adren rush sitting in the bushes with the wolves howling? And all you had with you is your rifle. Shame on you.

Nolan KrebsPhone: 989-545-5454Email: krebsnj@yahoo.comMessage: You are a piece of shit. I hope a wolf eats your face off.
The only thing the world will ever remember you for is orphaning wolf pups who are in the dark tonight crying for their mother. Sell your guns and be a decent human being.

WilliamPhone: 720-881-3669Email: wood9246@bears.unco.eduMessage: You are a sick man. Animals aren't trophies you fuck! Have fun in hell
Nice move Millage.Gross! Ignorance is just ignorance. Do you shoot dogs too?I wouldn't buy or sell a house through you.
Hey Robert, Are you the Robert Millage that recently shot a wolf recently now that the hunt is on? You're not hunting for food, so what's the angle? Or is this a "sport" to you? A sport the other side doesn't know it's playing... I am genuinely curious, because from where I stand, I have no comprehension as to why anyone would gun down a vital keystone species. You can get reimbursed if they kill a sheep, they are not decimating the elk population like misinformed people are thinking... so what is it?
Hi, i'm not here to yell at you for hunting a wolf like most people probably have. Thats not fair, i'm not going to say that I agree with the wolf hunting because I don't, but i'm not going to yell at you or call you names. Maybe you should think about this though, I mean wolves are beautiful animals, as any animal is. They have families, just like us. They love, they feel pain, they feel fear, everything. I mean they're living, just because their animals doesn't mean that they don't feel fear or pain, or love as well. They feel all that. They're beautiful and we have taken so much from them already. We should at least continue to let them live. We've taken most of their homes, and their food from them. I understand that they are taking down a lot of elk, but thats what they do I mean they have to eat just like we do. They may not eat it right away but they save it, and usually save it for harsh times in the winter. They aren't beasts, the reason they go after dogs and cats, children and come near people, is because were taking all their food and they're starving. They have no other options, they don't do it on purpose, they're just trying to survive, as we all are. That female wolf you brought down, what if she had pups? Now they're going to starve and die, now they have no mother, I mean imagine what that must be like. Not only starving to death, but also loosing their mother. And wolves mate once for life, they do love each other, she probably had a mate, and now she had to leave him. He won't find another, wolves mate once for life, and he probably cries for him every night. I mean imagine what it would be like to loose the one you love. People say that wolves are killers that they deserve to be killed, but I mean they aren't very different then us. A male somewhere is probably crying for his mate that you took the life of this very minute. He'll wait for her, and she'll never come back.....its rather sad. Don't you think? And her young if she had any, are crying for her now, wondering why isn't their mother coming home. And eventually they'll starve, after waiting forever for her to return when she won't. I mean think about it, what if you lost the one you loved and she never came back. Or what if your mother left and just never returned? They really do notice, and it really does affect them. You don't have to take what I said in consideration, but it would be nice. If you must continue to hunt, please think about what I've mentioned. Think about what your taking away from other lives, as well as the life itself your taking. And if you must continue to hunt, and this isn't with only wolves, I ask that you give the animals respect, they deserve it after all they've been through. Please make their deaths quick and as painless as possible, please don't make them suffer anymore then they already do. If you do continue hunting, all I ask is that you give them respect, don't make them suffer and just think about what your taking away. Not only a life itself, but your ruining many other lives as well. I hope the wolves that you have killed and everyone else has killed. This is for other animals as well, I wish them all to rest in peace, and hope they don't have to suffer, along with their families. Please write back, this wasn't hate mail, I merely wanted to converse about the situation.

.....Via Facebook......

Pam Reber
So you bagged a wolf, now maybe you can sell your state away in small parcels to a bunch of assholes who will ban hunting. I work in natural resources in a state with no respect for farmers or ranchers or wildlife. I work to build bridges between these sectors. Real estate developers will ultimately sell out the ranching and hunting interests, and your 'glory' represents your greed--and your willingness to sell out the legacy of the Northern Rockies, yourself, your family, etc.Your publicity is your chance to make a statement about what matters. Are you selling out to greed and fear? Even if sustainable population management included hunting of wolves, that is not the only political reality at play. Very sad that this is how our 'men' have to behave to feel as though they have any balls . . .

Gabor Eory
fuck you wolf killer!

Alison Akers
I read your story in the St Pete Times, i live in the Tampa Bay area of Fl. and I saw your pix ...I had to stop eating breakfast because my throat was ckoked with tears. I saw the beautiful animal you killed and how you were just trying to " beat your buddies"... well I believe you will get yours..some day you will face an innocent animal w/out your gun..then we will see how well you come out. i hope you will survive to tell your buddies. Good Luck I hope the next wolf you meet gets the better of you.

Ellyn Fabricant Does this make you feel more like a man? Why don't you move to Canada and go club some seals when wolf season is over? Too bad we can't arm the wolves. You're pathetic.

Ryan Feddema dumbass redneck!! I hope you rot in hell

Jamie Smith Bet you feel like a big man now killing a canine. What's wrong, the military wouldn't take you so you go out and kill God's creatures instead for game? What a coward you are using a coyote call to kill a beautiful creature. No doubt you would run with your tail tucked if fighting on even ground against someone like a terrorist. How do you sleep at night? I will pray for your soul.

Mary Beth McCaffrey September 1 at 9:26pm Report
Typical human.

Patricia Mertens September 1 at 6:45pm Report
for shooting such a wonderful creature!!! You should be ashamed! WHY DO YOU SHOOT ANIMALS? if you enjoy this something is very wrong with you!

Tatiana Casey September 1 at 5:15pm Report
You should be ashamed of yourself. I live on 20 acres in Bonners Ferry and there are wolves here. I respect them just as I do the bears, cougars and other animals. If you don't believe in karma, you should. The wolves are our neighbors and in the bible, you would not kill your neighbor unless you, too, would like to be killed. It doesnt matter what mammal it is be it human or animal.

Cody Hoagland September 1 at 4:13pm Report
you are a gutless pansy for killing a wolf? it is killing not hunting, hunting is discribed as something you kill to eat. you are not a sportsman but a killer, I hope you relize what you did to your relator buisness, you killd it just like that wolf. Theodore roosvelt would be ashamed to call you a sportsman, you are not even a man

Shane Thompson September 1 at 4:10pm Report
you have nothing better to do than kill helpless wild animals.

Angela ♺♻♲♼ PastorelliSeptember 1 at 3:29pm Report