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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More negative email...many many more at bottom of blog..

Thu 10/29/09 11:15 AM
Whom ever is 'advising' you, I suggest you fire them. If this is your own decision, from now on, try doing the opposite of your instincts, you'll be better off. (Like hunting on the first day...bad idea). Posting all of this only provokes more comments. Duh!And I don't need to know you from a hole in the wall. You are now a public figure, with your picture plastered around the world. And the vast majority of the people who see your photo (hunters and non-hunters alike), wince and think less of you for killing that animal. Those wolves were partially bought and paid for by taxpayer dollars, that makes this all of our business. So, we have every right to voice our displeasure with your selfish, thoughtless act. And by you treating this like some big joke is insulting and shows just how shallow you are. But the good news is, your thoughtlessness has inspired my next doc....I'll thank you in the credits. : )I hope it was worth 'the rug'.

Wow you really are an asshole‏
Thu 10/29/09 6:25 AM
GAME ON! I asked you nicely, but no.You are now officially MY NEW PROJECT! Hoooowl : )

Cindy Tyler Fernandez September 19 at 6:51amwill never understand how a person could do what you did and be proud of it. You know nothing about the family dynamics of wolves. I wish you would study those dynamics. They mate for life, they live in the same pack for life. Only the alpha male and female mate once a year. Their pups are born in Spring. The entire pack cares for them.

.Ever Heard of Karma?‏
Sat 9/19/09 7:16 AM
Hi Bob- I noticed my first note made your blog...I'm honored. I did notice that my second note is not there. Because it makes too much sense perhaps? Either way, I could care less, but take my email address off you blog. I wrote that to you when, my 7 yr old girl had just seen your photos, (she loves wolves has collages of them on wall) and was quite upset. Anyway I was angry, but I stand by my comments in both emails. If you have something to say to me feel free to email me. You can call me a lunatic again no big deal. But I don't want to get into a little tit for tat with every weirdo out there, on either side of the argument. So take my e-mail address off, or you're going to have yourself another problem.

How sick is someone that takes great JOY in slaughtering and butchering animals - MONSTER‏
Peter Sid (
Sat 9/19/09 12:33 PM
You are a fucking ASSHOLE and your entire family is perverted as well.
Wed 9/16/09 7:26 PM
Oh I'm a lunatic? That's funny coming from a guy whose has plastered his picture all over the world, dressed up like GI Joe, proudly holding the dead carcass of an animal that was just on the endangered species list less than 6 months ago? (A female no less. So you just killed over a dozen basically! Neat.) Most reasonable people might put you in that category. How does an animal that was extinct in the US (until being reintroduced in the 90's) come off the endangered species list and in 6 months suddenly need to be 'culled'? It makes no sense, they need time to acclimate. Just because your state allows it, most hunters with souls, brains and integrity chose not to participate because they knew it was wrong and too soon. And they appreciate the need for a predator, regardless how many cattle may be lost. (98 mil cows in US vs. 5K wolves, hmmm that works out to 1/2 a million cows for every wolf! You have a few to spare!) It's like watching the idiots running the last of the buffalo over the cliffs and wondering what on earth those fools were thinking? Most likely they weren't thinking anything, but I know it was stupid. And eliminating an animal that was extinct just a few short years ago is a thoughtless, selfish act. And your 15 mins of infamy reminds all of us that people like you are still out there and we haven't evolved much from those buffalo days. Good luck in your new post killing stage of your life. I look forward to seeing you on TV...maybe you could write a book? "How I Brought the Big One Down". Make a hat out of her head! Reality show perhaps? Lucky you.

chris harman (
Thu 9/17/09 10:10 AM
As a 10th generation American whose ancestors hunted for necessity rather than to hunt just to kill I find your want to kill a wolf offensive and cowardly. Hell, my 85 year great aunt could still shoot something at 25 yards and as she would tell you, any monkey can shoot and kill an animal. I've come to the conclusion that to kill just to kill indicates sever psychological problem and I suspect an anatomical one too. As a former hunter, I believe that all hunters should have to at best use a bow but if you really want to prove how tough you are, then how about evening the odds and hunt predators such as wolves, bears, etc. with a knife, then truly only the strong survive. Idaho where the men are men and the sheep are truly scared. Loser!
Wed 9/16/09 2:55 PM
Hey Redneck- You must think you are a really cool dude killing that big bad wolf, huh? Well guess what asshole, your doomed! I hope your're haunted for the rest of your days. Those wolfs will get revenge on you and your family, just wait. I have a feeling you may already begun to feel it... : ) Should have thought of that before you put those foul pictures up. I know you stupid rednecks think those wolfs are evil, but the only evil thing here is you and your ignorant pals. (Hey I bet your all 'Christian' too right?...too funny). I'm sure you have no idea what a balanced ecosystem is, let alone could possibly understand the importance of predators in keeping that in balance. All that matters to you retards is keeping those sheep and cows alive...after all, we only have 10's of millions of them, can't afford to let those poor ranchers lose a dime. You are a disgrace to your race, you ignorant fool. Tool on redneck! Higgity Higgity!

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  1. buddy do you realize that everytime a rancher loses a cow that he loses 1500 dollars. I think if you were losing that kind of money you would have a different oppinion. Im sure if all you guys formed a group that would pay the ranchers for their livestock being lost than they wouldn't hate wolves