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Sunday, September 20, 2009

They just keep coming, and threating in tone.....

E-mail : jason.burton@virgin.netReally well done you must be so proud killing wolves Robert . Lets face it your are a knob head, probably fucking you own sister you inbred hillbilly. As for the ranchers and the killing of livestock, big fucking deal, I'm sure we are not all going to starve and your losses are so great that you are all bordering on poverty (not). You kill wolves because you think the land you occupy belongs to you, and because its easy.

Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2009 14:17:42 -0700
Subject: You are a SICK KILLER
Robert I hope you think about about all the beauty you hunt and kill - YOU ARE PURE EVIL!
You are so goddamn repulsive- makes me sick to my stomach to see all the fantastic, wonderful, healthy and beautiful animals dying in your hands while you stand there with a hardon and a smirk on your face.

a word about about all the hunters in the office --- especially Robert‏
larry sanders (
- You should be sentenced to 25 years community service for all the animals you have hunted, tortured and killed for your ownsicko sexual pleasures...PUKE ON YOU AND YOUR FAMILY OF >>>>>>>>> DISGUSTING KILLERS-You should have your children taken away from you for involving them in your twisted killing activities

Lucy Parks (
Fri 9/18/09 2:48 PM
How's it feel to be the new poster boy for "Most Loathsome Person of the Year"? I'm sure Michael Vick is happy to hand the mantle over to you. (He may also have some spare dogs if your real estate gig keeps going south). I know all that matters to you is that your pappie and pee-paw are proud of you, but the rest of the world is appalled by your selfishness and lack of a moral compass! You will now and forever be known as the first man in 70+ years to hunt and kill a wolf in the US. "The First of the Lowest". Wow, what an honor! "Bob, The Keeper of the Low Bar".
You have a few choices:
A.) Admit you feel bad that maybe it wasn't such a smart thing to be killing an animal that was virtually extinct a decade ago, and just removed from the endangered species list in May. You would need to educate yourself on the reality of wolves and their impact. We know you can't/don't read books (per your facebook) but maybe this website with real data and facts might be worth a shot. It shows how wolves in Minn. and Canada have peacefully co-existed for years with little livestock and elk loss. You could have a major conversion and become an advocate for responsible hunting, have a Hollywood movie made about your life, or not. But this requires a flexible brain (the definition of intelligence), so let's assume that's out.

B.) Continue to think this is a big joke and post everyone's notes (selectively of course) on your blog to try to defend your indefensible actions. And this will further provoke those folks to keep on writing you (or maybe create a website in your honor?) and keeping you in this purgatory of hatred. Just wait until the year-end magazines and shows come out...we'll be seeing your face (and that dead animal again) as one of the worst persons of 2009. Something to look forward to. This could be a little cottage industry for you.

C.) Crawl in to your hidie-hole, take down your web page, change your e-mail and phone number and hope it blows over. Probably the most sensible option but it requires common sense. But wait, you are" Bob- the Mighty Wolfkiller" and that would be gutless for a man as brave as you ("they were howling all around me...whooo, so brave"). It would make your life and your loved ones lives easier, but it appears you are enjoying the notoriety (and not sleeping) and your delusional that someday your reputation (such as it was...looks like your weren't exactly on the rocket pad) will be cleared. Never gonna happen, cut your losses, pray we forget you and your thoughtless deed.

D.) GO FOR IT! Wear that "1st of the Lowest Humans on Earth"mantel with pride and go kill a few more of those pesky varmints. That will show those evil wolves who’s boss! Better yet, I hear there are only 35 Northern White Rhinos left on earth. Get some of your Jethro pals, hop on a 'jet aeroplane' (don't worry they're safe) and fly to a place called Africa. Bring your AK-47's and shred those bad boys! Wipe them off the face of the earth once and for all, and you will become "THE EXTINCTINATOR". Keep their heads, of course, to hang proudly in your hovel! This sounds like the most fun. Why not just be REALLY HATED and go massacre a ton of animals? It’s fun shooting things up right? Especially when your 14 (physically or mentally, it's all the same). Just do it.

E.) Hope it all ends soon somehow. Keep eating that red meat, looks like your’re avoiding cardio nicely and continue to milk this stressful situation. Pick up smoking maybe, drink more. What have you got to lose at this point?

Oh and one last tip. My friends and I were thinking of putting up a website of all the lucky Wolfkillers but we hear is beating us to the punch. Yes, you and the other mighty hunters the will have your own Hall of Shame...complete with mug shots...Mutants on Parade. Apparently, since the hunting licenses don't have photos they are having lots of success (and fun) in finding mug shots for a disproportionate amount of license holders, imagine that! Another reason for their family and coworkers to be so proud...and probably shocked.. Can't wail until that comes online.

So, I have a feeling this isn't over. I'll keep popping in periodically to check up on this little train wreck! Pretty entertaining's not everyday you get to e-mail the knuckle-head of the year. Cheers ducky!

E-mail : What Robert Millage did (and continues to do) was/is very wrong indeed. Those who harm God's creatures will have to answer for it one day, and that day can't come soon enough. He is a psycopath and should be locked away for the rest of his life. sick bastard.


  1. well if i was going to hunt a white rhino i would probably use a 50 caliber or somethin with a little more knock down power than a ak 47... jeez give the guy a break he didnt do anything wrong. you all act like he killed a person

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