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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Positive

Hey Robert,
Hope things are going good up in God's country. I wrote you a quick hello e mail last week in support of the wolf hunt . I couldn't help but send you another one after reading a letter to the ediotor that appeared in the paper here in Idaho Falls. This letter appeared on sept. 9th, 2009. I thought you would get a good laugh out of it. Here is the letter.
" Wolves
Wow! What a great photo on the front page! One of God's most beautiful creatures hanging limp in the arms of her killer! That's a wonderful example to your kids. If you don't like what something (or someone) is or does, just kill it! Don't look for more humane answers to a problem you created in the first place. Only YOU count in this world. Those wolves were here long before people arrived and brought all of their self-serving rules and regulations with them. The sheep and cattle you claim to defend are destind for the slaughter house, so it's "money" you're defending- plain and simple. Wolves are carnivores. Cattle and sheep are meat. Do the math. What gives you the right to slaughter these magnificent, innocent creatures simply to fatten your walletts? You decided to become cattle ranchers to slaughter animals for money. They do it for food. Big bad hunters, so proud of yourselves. Give wolves opposable thumbs and a high powered rifle. THEN you've got a real test of skills. Sneak up on something and shoot it when it is totally unaware of your presence. That's called sniping in my book Oh, and Mr. Millage feeling that "adrenaline rush, having the wolves howling and milling about, " is just sick. The behavior they exhibited upon watching member of their family slaughtered is something called "grief", Wolves mourn, just as we do. Idaho you should be ashamed!"
Wow we have an expert on the meat industry, wolves, hunters, and ranchers! what a goofy lady! I laughed so hard about the part about giving wolves a gun and see what would happen. I can't believe people actually think food just appears on the table magically. She probibly took her kids to Mcdonalds to eat after wrinting this letter! LOL The adrenalin rush she states is one of the best feelings in the world I love it! Needles to say I am writing a letter to the paper in response to her anti letter . Hopefully it will be published.
I love your outdoor blog page WOW! I last track of time looking at it. It was so neat all of the pics. We are lucky to live in such a great state! Anyway I will stop before I write a book . Just wanted to let you read the article from the waco!
Is the turkey hunting any good during the fall up there? Always wanted to try a fall turkey hunt. How is the elk hunting around there was thinking of hunting up there possibly next year?
Have a great day...Brandt

CONGRATS ON THE KILL! I am from Montana and am at BYU, missing out on all the fun. Thanks for taking a stand and not shying away from the media, we need more people out there promoting hunting courageously like you have. Congrats again and Props on getting the first one! I'd love to see how you do the rug! Nathan

Hello RobertI hear your catching a lot of grief from people about your wolf that you killed. Sorry to hear about that don’t let it get to you, but I want to congratulate you on your success. I am from Montana and my family has a ranch here. The wolves have been killing our live stock along with our neighbors live stock off and on, but here in the last 5 to 10 years. Every year there are more and more kills. The government trapper has to take about 2 or more pack a year out of our area just to try and keep them in check. So to say the least we have a bit of a problem on our hands here. I plan to hunt a wolf in October when our season finally opens. It would be cool if I was the first person in MT to shoot one LOL. Well I been seeing them around a lot lately so my chances are good at getting one just might not be the first. Anyway good job and I hope you get one in 2010 if they open the season again. Thanks Jed

Dear Robert,I saw the news story regarding the wolf hunt, and I just wanted to say how disgusted I am with the people that are harassing and intimidating you. I am not and never will be a hunter, but I believe that hunting is something that should be respected and seen as a necessity. These people need to understand that not only were the first Conservationists hunters themselves, but by our very own presence in nature, we disrupt the natural balance between animals. Population control is essential to preserving the American way of life. Sportsmen and women get such a bad rap these days, but I guarantee you that most of the people throwing a hissy fit over all this are the exact same people keeping McDonald's, WalMart, and all those other companies in business. Being a Liberal down here in the South, I get heckled a lot as well, simply for walking down the street in the wrong neighborhood or something else equally benign and within my rights as a proud American. I too get harassed and threatened with violence. Seeing that article on the LA Times really aggravated me, and I just wanted to let you know that you have my support. Thanks, and keep up the good work.-Dustin from Florida

Hi Robert --
Just wanted you to know that we support you. We are sorry to hear of all the negative, hurtful comments. It's ironic that the people who highly value animals lives are threatening your life. We are praying for you.
Todd and Ingar

Hey Robert, I apologize for using your professional email for this but I wanted to send some support your way for hunting the wolves up there I am a hunter as well and think it is a noble thing. That of using hunting to manage wild life populations and the purity of tradition and heart involved. Thanks for being a hunter and fine representative of hunters and their rights and priveleges. Adam K.

I just wanted to let you know that not everybody is a crackpot and tocongratulate you on the first wolf killed in the new Idaho season. Don'tlet the crazies ruin this for you. My husband and boss have been avidhunters forever so we know what a thrill this must have been.Steph

congratulations on your successful wolf hunt! Be strong and do not let the green's wear you down. I will be purchasing my non-resident($$$) wolf tag soon and will hopefully join you as one of the successful hunters. I had 5 come within 15 yds of me last year. Pretty exciting. You were legal and within your rights to take this animal. Wolves have a place in nature but need to be balanced with the needs of the other wildlife. Good luck. Jeff

Hi Robert –
Congratulations on filling your wolf tag!
I am sorry you have to take all of the personal attacks from the spoiled brats (eviro-nazis). All-in-all, Robert, you couldn’t afford to pay for all of the publicity you have received for your real estate business.
If I have someone wanting to buy property in your area, I’ll send them to you.
Stay Strong!

Gary and I were so excited to see your picture in our local paper, with the great distinction of having the first wolf kill in Idaho! Congratulations!! I'm so impressed that you called them in! I think that would definately be the best way to hunt them... but it takes a lot of nerve... especially in the country you hunt in, where you can't see very far... and 25 yard shot is actually considered a long shot!!All of us that hunt in Idaho owe you a BIG Thank- You!! Suzee

"This stuff is really unbelievable! We will keep you and your boys in are prayers. " Jillian

Hey just wanted to say keep your head up! Hi you don't know me nore do I know you, I just saw you on the news about this stupid wolf thing and how all these people are mad at you for killing something that you had every legal right to kill. I think it is funny that if it was a dear no one would give a crap but because it looks like a dog everyone cares so much but I bet if they were confronted with a Wolf they would not be so against it! Just stay positive about this your awsome and Congrats on the Kill! -Nathan

Don't let the anti's get you down! As you stated, your family and friends are the only ones that matter. From another guy in S.E. Idaho, hoping to fill his tag!

Hi Robert, I saw your interview with Cam Edwards on N.R.A last night. I wanted you to know that I am very impressed with the way you are handling this egregious situation. A good sense of humor and a kind spirit wiil always prevail. I am convinced that all leftist activists have gall beyond the pale. They never have facts on their side but feel the need to arouse emotions,intimidate and resort to violence,typical socialist tactics! We as Americans need to stand up and defend our rights with unwavering resolve or we will surely become a "banana republic."The left is well funded but we, as American Patriots have God and our Constitution on our side. If He is for us,who can be against us?Thanks again..Keep your eyes open and your powder dry! Semper Fi...The Old Marine..Allen

Congratulations on your wolf, the first of Idaho's wolf season! Figured you needed a few extra "atta-boys" to counterbalance the hasslers. Sorry you are getting flack! Some people have nothing better to do! Hopefully WY will be able to follow suit before too long, but we aren't holding our breath! Sincerely, Randy and Cathy

I've read some articles about your sharp-shooting in Idaho. Nice job. We could use you in Wisconsin where the wolves are also out-of-control. While I'm not one who wants to see the animals extinct, I do think it's good to thin the heard and give these animals a healthy fear of humans. Happy hunting from Wisconsin!

Congrats on your wolf. I have been following this wolf thing for months. I also fish steelhead over in your area with my buddy Wilcox every year so you may know us. I have just noticed all of these threats you have been getting. I have been on the trail of one of them anti's for some time now and she has been the biggest one I see stirring the pot when it comes to you. Her name is Andrea Cook from Lake Elizabeth CA and she runs the wolf heart 4 the animals blogs as well as ask andi & kodi on myspace. I said that you were my hero on so I am next on her spot light though I already think I am 1 step ahead of her. She's a true nut but as far as I can see harmless. You never know about these people she gets rialed up though. You may want to report these things to the feds as they fall under the new internet terrorism laws. If you need help doing that let me know and I will see what my fed friends can pull for strings. Give me a call if you need.

I regret the negative responce to your success with your wolf hunt. I have worked all my adult live in the woods of Pa.,Co.,Id.,Or.,and Mt. I know of no animal that kills for the sake of killing, except the wolf. My hat's off to you sir, job well done. Tarry

Congrats on a great hunt.
And thanks for the dignified way you've handled the negative attacks that have been inappropriately directed at you. You're making hunters look very good.

Heard about all negative crap your getting. Just thought I would send email saying Good job and God Bless. Went hunting in area 33 and found tracks chasing elk. Hope I get one too. ThanksBrian

Awesome! Great job on getiing your wolf! No hate mail here, just a high five from a fellow realtor and hunter! People need to get a life! Mike

Hi Robert,
I know you've gotten a lot of negative feedback on your recent wolf kill.
I'm here to say, "good for you!"
I grew up there, still visit my folks that live further up the Woodland Rd from where your picture was taken by KREM the other day.
The last time I was home, I heard nary a coyote; a good sign the wolves have moved in.
I was also amazed to see the elk and deer moving right out into the farm land during daylight; a good sign the wolves are harassing them there.
There are a lot of idiots out there who think wolves are "nice" animals that would not hurt a human. They come face to face with one, they would probably change their mind in a hurry; especially if they had no means of protecting themselves.
Take care and don't let all the whackos spook you.
Congratulations on your kill.

Way to go Robert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are with you!!
Rex, Prescott, Arizona

sorry you are getting so much hassle over your hunt. keep your chin up and put in for another tag next year.although i have no plans to move to lewiston if i did i'd use your agency to find a place. Dave

Stay Stong Man.... "Hey, Great picture!! =) Glad to see you aren't letting all those crazy people in the city get to you. From what I have seen and read, you are a great diplomat for the sport. All the comments and things I have heard are from these idiots that live in Seattle or the city, and get to the "woods" twice a year on the weekend to camp 100 yards from a gas station. Congrats and have a good season." Patrick

"Good for you, man! Congrats." Bethe

Bob, Congratulations on bagging the 1st legal wolf.You probably feel like you just stepped in a big pile of crap. E-mail , if you've never heard of him he's a very conservative talk show host on AM 840 @ 3 to 6 PM. He believes strongly in the 1st and 2nd ammendments. He answers all emails personally and has mentioned you on his talk show. You could make this wolf kill a very GOOD thing. Good luck, Bruce ps, He mentioned that you were scheduled to be interviewed by a group who wants to educate America about the wolf problem, he's a friend of the founder. Bruce

Hi Robert, This is Mike in Salmon, Idaho. Congratulations on being the first person to kill a wolf in Idaho's 2009 wolf season! I was thrilled when I heard that a fellow Realtor bagged the first wolf in the state, way to go! I know you have been getting some grief from the bunny huggers, however, I think you are right, you will get more business because of the publicity you've gotten. From now on when I get any clients headed your way Robert I will send them to you. Make sure and let your Broker know that you have support from many of the Realtors here in Salmon that I've talked to. I was a Government Hunter and Trapper during the 70's, 80's and 90's in Northern California and Montana. I know all too well the crap you will be getting for awhile from the eco freaks, don't let it bother you. I do want to give you some advise Robert, I've been front page news, covered by the TV and radio media, just don't respond, all media wants is the controversy and will do everything they can to destroy you if it will get them better ratings, they are ruthless. Once again Robert, congratulations, you did good.

Mr. Millage
Good Job and Congraulations.

Thank you so much for your part in controlling the wolf population. Living outside Grangeville, my husband and I know well the detrimental impact the wolves have had on the elk and deer populations. Although wolves are a component of the ecosystem of this area, their numbers do need to be controlled. I am sorry that you are being harassed by foolish, thoughtless, and rude people who do not understand the situation. Please persevere in this challenging time. Again thanks for your part. Lisa

Congratulations on your wolf kill. Just wanted to let you know that we are on your side. We live in West Yellowstone, Mt. and have been in business here for 33 yrs. People come to the park to see animals. In the old days you could drive to Old Faithful in the evening and see several hundred elk. Today you would be lucky to see a dozen. The herd was estimated at 19 thousand in 1995 and 6 thousand in 2006. Not only did the wolves eat the herd down by 2 thirds, but they ate all of each years crop too. So. way to go. Too bad you didn't put a few holes in the rest of them. Paul

"I find it amusing that none of those idiots offer any type of solution. Just "You're a bad man!" Perhaps if they'd stop the name calling and think, they would be taken seriously. I'm half tempted to go out, get a wolf and put it in a dress and lipstick. Then I would take a picture and say "Well THIS one wasn't 'noble' was the hooker wolf and needed to be shot." How would they like that?" Mike

"Right on Robert!!! Nobody says anything about the innocent sheep that wolves "murder" every day! I still think that wolves and grizzly bears need to be re-introduced to Central Park and locations back east and see how much the bunny huggers like them then! Way to go! My hat's off to you!" Bev

Just wanted to say congratulations and thank you for doing your part to keep the people one step ahead of the wolves. Having been raised in Beaverhead County and having had our livestock harassed by wolves and knowing the people who had 120 of their rams killed last week it seems to me that anyone with half a brain (Guess that excludes the animal rights activists) know the best thing to do is to hunt them. When my Grandfather first came to Beaverhead County (about 1890)he was nine years old and his job was to sit in the barn and shoot the wolves that came to the corral to kill their milk cows. The old timers knew what they were doing. Hold your head up high and be proud that you helped out the farmers and ranchers.Again thank you,Sue

Mr. Millage,

I recently heard that you were getting harassed due to your recent hunt.
I know that you said that you have ‘thick skin’ but I wanted to let you know that there are tons of us that support you and other legal hunters for every extremist that is giving you ‘crap’.
Congratulations on your hunt!

I bet 90% of the grief you're getting for hunting wolves is from people who don't live in the Northern Rockies and aren't really affected by wolves or don't understand the issue. Just know that many, many of us know wolf hunts are necessary in order to manage the animal like bears and lions are managed. Have a good day, Mark

There may be people out there that think you are a piece of crap and a fat redneck for killing a wolf, but I sure would like to shoot one myself. To those of us who are avid elk hunters, you are a true all American, and all Idahoan hero. Thanks for having the patience and skill to rid us of one more shewolf. Jared

I here on the news that you are taking a lot of flack on the wolf kill. I want you to know that me and my entire office are in support of the hunt and your success. I have a tag myself. It is unfortunate that people make decisions when they are totally out of the area and out of touch with reality and don’t understand the impact the wolfs have had on our wildlife. Good luck.

I know you're getting a lot of bad press here lately and I just wanted to let you know I have family in Kooskia who are hunters and guides...and while I am not fond of killing for sport, but for survival. I believe the wolf killing is necessary. I know the devastation these animals are causing and I support the action Idaho is taking against these animals that should have never been brought into our state. So I just wanted to give you a pat on the back for doing your part...I hope the negativity around this starts to slow down. Have a great weekend. Meagan

Congratulations on your recent wolf kill!!!!! I wish we could shoot them here in Wyoming. Maybe some day. I am glad Idaho and Montana are going to begin making a small dent in the population. Tim

Hey you skinny redneck. Next time shoot one for me. Unbelievable the garbage you are getting from "people?". You have a good attitude. Don't let them get under your skin. John

Hey, don't let the West Coasters get ya down!!! Kudos to you for a beautiful animal! Amber

I just wanted to congratulate you on your successful wolf ! After reading the atricle(s)in many newspapers, the only downside I can see is that you didn't have several of your friends with you to take advantage of the ones circling and howling. Keep the faith, believe me, you do have many supporters out there. Best regards, David

Hi, Your'e probably getting sick of all this attention about the wolf you shot. I was just writing to say nice going and well done. I am a predator hunter up here in the Moscow/Troy area and was pleased to hear how you did it. You made it sound easy, but I am sure that it wasn't. I don't want to be a bother, but again, nice job. A real pretty wolf that you got fair and square. Please don't get discouraged by your detractors. Keith

congrats! "Hello, I just saw your picture in the Missoula paper. I am sure I am one of only a handfull of people that support you, or maybe I misread the story, and you are a poacher? I moved to Montana, after spending 23 years in Las Vegas, so I could be free, and live life. I think alot of those Vegas/California people really don't get it. You bought a tag, and legally bagged a wolf, but you are a murderer. I hit a skunk on highway 93 about a month ago, I suppose I could have run off the road to miss one of God's little creatures, maybe we will share the same jail cell. This is the same mentality I chose to leave in Vegas, people there are mad at the illegalls that cross our border, and "take all of our jobs", it's not their fault they want a better life, it's our governments fault for letting them slip through the cracks. Well, enough of my ranting, congrats on a nice job. Patrick

I'm sorry to hear some people are giving you a rough time. A good friend of mine had an article published about his bighorn sheep hunt on Monday and he got a negative reaction too, although not nearly on your scale. I shouldn't be surprised at the lack of knowledge and understanding about hunting but I am.
There are plenty of people cheering for you.

Congrats on a successful hunt!! Pics were awesome. Don’t let all the hippies bother you-
I can’t wait until my area (McCall Zone) is open-

I think it is horrible what people are saying about you. I think it is GREAT that you were able to get a wolf! I hope to get mine soon. Stormy

Hey Robert!
I think its hilarious people are calling you a fat redneck wolf killer!
I'm sure you have saved some live stock! Plus what a cool trophy! Are you keeping any part of it? Do they tan "wolf hair"?
I love the magic of wolves, but you did a good thing!
Karen Nampa, ID
PS I would like a wolf claw!!!!

Robert, hold your head up. The people throwing rocks at you right now don't and will never see the big picture and how devastating this wolf introduction has been to wild and domestic livestock. I hope that FWP will continue to let you folks hunt wolves in Idaho and here in Montana (Sept. 15).
Anyway, hang in there and have a good one!
Rich Waterloo, MT

Just wanted t tell you that I think the photo was awesome and I hope I`m that guy in Mt. Wolves have ruined my elk hunting spots and I can`t wait to get a little payback! Congats on a job well done. Jim

Hey,Sorry for the flack you're getting over the wolf. If I was looking at property in Idaho, I would definitely look you up. If you are ever up in Butte and need a Chiropractor, look me up and I'll treat you right and maybe even buy you dinner! Stay strong, I'm sure you won't be "flavor-of-the-week" for the environmentalist for... well... much more than a week!Your Bro in Butte,

I just saw on the news about all the flack your getting for killing the first wolf in Idaho. I hope that every hunter who got a tag can fill it this year. My family understands the damage that the wolves can do. These people who are upset about this do not have to deal with this predator in their backyards. So I just wanted you to know we think you have done a GREAT JOB. Congrats, STK

I want to congratulate you on getting your wolf. Please don't let the critiques get you down. You're right and they are wrong. My family started ranching in Southeastern Idaho in 1887. We know what wolves are. Bill

Robert, I read about your hunting success in the Star Tribune - Casper Wyoming, and I just want to say WAY TO GO MAN ! would you kill one for me next time. Craig

i havnt hunted for over 30 years and work with alot of guys who do every year and look forward to them brining in elk sausage for the crew. if you are the guy who got that wolf i have to say its too bad all this is happening to you. maybe some of these negative people would think different if they lived in an area where they heards of deer and elk are being wiped out. the guys tell me they go out to their favorite hunting areas to scout them out and see no signs of game. anyway good luck and dont let this stop you from buying a wolf tag next year. erv

Please allow my email address to remain anonymous, however, I saw your story on KXLY and just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that there are people out there who do support you and think the outlash of your LEGAL action is absurd. I am no hunter and am not particularly fond of it but what you did was within the law and I feel so bad for the hatred that you are being subjected to. Hopefully this will pass with time and your life will go back to normal, I just wanted you to be able to read one positive email because even with a tough skin I am sure it is hard.

Good Job "Good job for doing what you are legally entitled to do. Don't let the uneducated idiots get you down. Keep you head up. The logical are behind you...." Vickie

Hi Robert, I know you and I don't know each other, but I just want to tell you that I don't think you are a "murderer". Good job on your kill and don't let anyone get to you. I appreciate you helping control these animals like we need. Ashlund

Congrats on the wolf kill. I just wanted to send you a positive note! I am heading up to my elk hunting grounds to chase some wolves this weekend. Don't worry about the threats on your buisness, there are plenty of guys like me out there. I am a contractor in the Boise area.I have been told that my pro hunting and second ammendment views would hurt my opportunities. 16 years later and I see no signs of that! Wouldn't want to work with one of those nutballs anyway! if and when I move north, I will look you up! Keep your powder dry! Steve

We are behind you. We do not hunt but live in Idaho and know about the drastic reduction in deer and elk numbers directly related to the wolves. Deer now camp out in the city of McCall to avoid the wolves and hunters we know, have no deer or elk to hunt because the wolves have reduced their numbers in drastic numbers not reported. Anyway, we do not hunt but if I did, I wish I could be the first to fill a tag. You have a lot of support from the people who know what is really happening. Your negative feed back is from people who are ignorant of the subject and avoid their own problems by focusing on anything else which in this case is wolf hunt. Sincerly, Kayleen

"You are a hero of hunters,you did nothing wrong but the right thing,sorry to see the Bunny Huggers attacking but they know no better as soon as 14 opens up I will be there,we know where the are down here.Be strong Hugh

GREAT JOB, Congratulations. I applaud you as do thousands of good people who know that wolves MUST be hunted.

"Been following the paper and news lately. Just wanted to offer a positive note of support. You've done the state of Idaho, its sportmen, ranchers, and the elk a great service. Congrats and thank you. Joe

Awesome sir...excellent hunt and great wolf! Just sending ya some support and cant wait to get mine...keep the chin up and congrats bud!! Guy

Way to go...should have shot a few more!! I have shot a few up north in BC, they make a great mount!

I want to congradulate you on your wolf kill. My husband I live in Missoula, Mt and are both avid hunters. We are looking forward to our wolf season which starts later and axiously awaiting the ruling from Judge Malloy. Wolves need to be managed just like any other wildlife and their numbers are becoming too high in my opinion. Nice pictures and a nice clean kill. Once again, congrats. Barbara

Hello my name is Joe. I have seen all of bad crap that is being said about you and wanted to say Congrats on getting to shoot a wolf. I would like to invite you to join our hunting website, it is a hunting site for hunters that are mostly in washington, but we have a few post with you in them. We would love for you to join and share your story. Also you will see all the real supporters of this cause to manage the wolf population in the Northwest. Here is the link to the website: you get to this site just go to the forums.Thanks again and make a good mount with your great kill. Sincerely,Joe

I am sorry you are having to deal with those negative calls and messages. You followed the law and saved a rancher some $. Hang in there. I myself will be looking forward to my elk hunt up near Howe. Nitin

Congrats on the wolf!!!! I hope they fill every tag sold. I am from MT originally and I am sick of what those animals are doing to the herds. Don't listen to the city hippies that don't know anything about wildlife. Just know that you have 100 supporters for every nasty message that you get. Darren

Good job on the wolf.....PLEASE, do it again. Signed: the remaining elk & deer in Idaho. My real name is Grant and I live in Pocatello. Just thought I'd balance the mail a little.

Just wanted to say a quick congrats on a fine looking wolf! I'm in Southern Id and love coming up there by Kamiah to hunt turkeys. That looked like it would be so fun to try for a wolf. Cool pics! Anyway didn't mean to tie up your work email just a quick hello and support from a fellow sportsman!
Take care,

I just wanted to say "Good for you"! Wolf tags are for sell, you shot them, people need to get over it! My boyfriend has been chomping at the bit to get a tag for the last year, and now that he has one, he just needs to find time to go and get one. I am not a hunter, but he is, and I have no issue's with people hunting anything that is legal to hunt. I do believe that the wolves need to be managed and fish and game is doing the right thing. You kill was very beautiful by the way, and just wanted to drop a line to support you and all other hunters that take advantage of a great oppurtunity to hunt the wolves. Keep your thick skin, and I would have no problems of responding for you to a few of the people that do not agree with what many people are doing in managing these animals.

Just read a quick blip on the start of the wolf season - sorry to hear how you've been treated - but I for one, am very happy to hear you have begun to help manage this "great idea" that someone had in Washington for the re-introductions of wolves. Maybe if they would have opened a season when they said they were going to, there would not have been as much animosity or for that matter, there would still be elk left to hunt instead of wolves.Take care of yourself - If I ever have to move to Lewiston - I will make sure I look you up to help me find a place to live.Aubree Boise, ID

I read about the bad-mouthing you've been getting about the wolf hunt so I thought I'd send you a note, from a total stranger, to simply say "nice shooting!"

"I am not sure if you are the correct guy, but if you were the one to bag the wolf, GREAT JOB! My husband and I have seen a couple from far away, and of course sign of them everywhere. What we are not seeing is the deer and elk that used to be in the area, not to mention the distruction to cattle and sheep farmers. Keep the thick skin and Congratulations! Wendy

You do not know me and you do not have to respond, but just wanted to say congratulations on your LEGAL and successful hunt. The people that are harassing you live in urban cities and need to have a week of living in wolf country to understand the PROBLEM. Keep your chin up and if you need a good taxidermist let me Don

Congrats of the wolf hunt! The rest of those tree huggers that are whining about lawfully taking a predator, well they can just pound sand! Good for you!. Scott

I just read the article about the dump ass's harassing you, I think it's great and if I was in the area I would buy a house from you. I live in Boise and love to hunt and think it's great you shot a wolf whether it's because you hate them because they kill Elk and Deer or you truly wanted to shoot a wolf I think it's awesome you had the opportunity to shoot one, We are heading to the Sawtooth's next week to an area we've seen a lot of wolf's in the last few years, if we are successful I will send you some photo.s.
Don't let the assholes get to you there is more people that will support you then hate you it's just the environmentalist are louder.

THANK YOU!! Just a quick email to offer support and don't let the WOLF PIMPS get you down! Your d oing the right thing! Again, THANK YOU! Tom

I saw about you wolf kill in the Bozeman paper. Whoever is giving you grief is full of crap! Haven't these people ever heard of wildlife management. Here in CA they outlawed mountain lion hunting and now we have them roaming at night in town. Give me a break. Martin

Wolf Kill Congrats !!!! One down hundreds to go !!! We need all our hunters to buy Wolf tags and show our support for getting rid of them. Our elk and deer herds are suffering...(as well as livestock)... I am sorry you are getting such angry responses..... not from me !!! Good Job !!!

Hey Robert, Hang in there. For every wacko wolf lover there are probably 100 to a 1,000 who support you and support managing wildlife. So many people get out of balance by focusing on one narrow view. We weren't put here on this earth to worship the creation, as so many of these people do. It's ironic that they are so hateful toward other humans yet they idolize animals, trees, water, dirt, worms, snails, etc. And they want to force their beliefs on everyone else. Ben

Robert, congratulations on being the hunter to get the first wolf! Debbie

HI Robert,
I just wanted to extend my congratulations to you on your wolf kill! I read about it on line this morning in the Spokane newspaper.I have been following it closely and am hoping they leave the season open.I haven’t been on hunting net much and they can’t seem to restore my original password.Doesn’t matter really.I hunt out of Elk River and will be out there in mid November,this will be the 11th year in a row.I have spoken to you before about my hunting out there.I am really pleased for you!
Let’s just hope common sense prevails and the season stays open!!!

I just wanted to say thanks. Your timing of harvesting a wolf couldn’t have been any better. My hope is that the judge in Montana and other undecided people see how harvesting a wolf on the first day the season opens, is not that difficult due to the numbers we have. I am sure you are inundated with emails, good and bad. But no matter how you respond to the bad ones they just won’t get it. Good luck on the rest of your season Robert.

Hi Mr. Millager, my name is Fred. Congrats on your wolf, however some animal rights nutjob has posted your personal information; home phone, cell phone and e-mail address in the comments section of the Idaho Statesman and is encouraging all the other nutjobs to contact and harrass you. This ticks me off to no end and I have reported it to the paper. Hopefully you can bag a animal rights nutjob as well by suing their butts. Fred


  1. i shot a domestic cat last week.. because it was a pest and, being one of about a dozen, it was one cat too many.
    thumbs up and congradulations on your wolf kill from a local guy. (kamiah.)
    question for the haters: why don't they love the elk herds, deer and and other wildlife that wolves are wreaking havoc on?
    ... i think i'll go get my wolf tag now too.

  2. Congrats on a great harvest. To all the people who try and degrade this man and his accomplishment, you are hateful people who have no sense of a moral compass. you have no clue what the situation what the wolf population is like and neither do I, but I’m sure that the scientists who study them( yes biologist look into that before hunting seasons are made, I know some of my fellow alumni are among them)and to the people blaming the "white man’s" government. Indians would hunt wolves and use the hides as the first variety of camouflage when hunting buffalo. To the people who clam Teddy Roosevelt would be ashamed, you obviously don't know who T.R. was. He is one of the greatest conservationist and OUTDOORSMAN to have ever have lived. He was a very proud and outspoken hunter. T.R. would shake this man's hand and want to hear the story of the hunt. To those of you who don't know T.R. took most of the animals in the Smithsonian on HUNTING safaris throughout North America and Africa

  3. We're among the several others who agree with and support wolf hunting. I hope that you don't have to continue with this ensuing ridiculous harassment that people who are uneducated about the wolf population and problems in Idaho. I personally would like to thank all the wolve hunters for giving me a little bit more piece of mind for when I take my children into the woods. Thank you!

  4. All of you pro wolf hunting people are absolutly right!!! If I could I would like to shake Roberts hand and personally congradulate him on a fine kill and beautiful centerpiece mount in his living room. And as for you treehugger flatlanders who oppose go FUCK A GOAT!!!!

  5. You want a hater who knows what they're talking about? You want someone who isn't just calling names? Congradulations, you've pissed me off enough that I'm shaking with rage while I'm typing this so please excuse the typoes. So you say the wolves are ravaging the elk populations: Too bad. They're animals, they hunt to survive just like you hypocrites who go to McDonalds to eat the cows that you say the wolves are also killing. Why don't you get this through your thick skulls: People kill more livestock than wolves ever will so if you want to point fingers at anyone point them at yourselves. If you love to hunt elk so badly then I'm very sorry for your loss but there are plenty of other harmless, innocent animals you people can get your bloody hands on. Also in regards to the livestock, here's a good suggestion: FENCE. I don't care if wolves can jump high, I don't care if they can gnaw through wood, whatever lame excuses you can come up with there's a solution to keeping the wolves away. Even if you have to use an electric fence that kills/paralyzes anything that tries to get over it it's still more humane than hunting and killing an animal that is just merely trying to survive like anyone/anything else.

  6. Another useful tip: a wolf's main meal is not a cow or sheep. They eat deer, elk, caribou, rabbits and other small game but if they're wandering around for days and starving of course they're going to kill and eat whatever they come across. They don't kill for fun, they kill to eat. They aren't nice and cuddly when you first encounter them, I'll admit that, but hunting them for fun is hardly fair and legal anyway. It just shows how ignorant and heartless some people can be concerning the creatures they live with on this earth, which isn't ours by the way, it's God's that He entrusted to us to take care of. As for population control: there're less than 2,000 wolves in the areas that wolf hunting seasons have been set up. They just got off the endangered species list very recently. I wonder why? Oh yeah! Because farmers hunted them nearly to extinction based on "Big Bad Wolf" stories that had no actual facts or evidence! There's no population control for the wolves because there are barely enough alive to survive and keep producing. I do not understand how having barely 2,000 wolves roaming around needs so much culling, one person said there are almost 16 or so thousand elk and a wolf pack alone may eat at least 1/2 a week, I think there's room to kill a few elk by the wolves besides, if they're allowed to be hunted by people then that means they have an increasingly amount of elk each year that's not in danger of being hunted to extinction. If the wolves eating the elk means that hunters can no longer hunt them I see no problem and feel we should let nature take its course.

  7. I have very little qualms about hunting in general, in the case of overpopulating deer it is indeed necessary but hunting wolves has no necessity, there are too few numbers to hunt, we don't use their meat, we barely use their fur, and other than the people who get angry over livestock kills there's no reason for their culling. I can certainly understand that if a wolf is continuously and devastatingly kiling off your livestock that it's necessary to protect your livelihood but here's something to remember: Wolf pack territories are extremely large, a lone wolf or pack may wander around your farm, notice some food ripe for the picking (and if you have no fence or a small, easily accessible one) then they'll be sure to pick off a few cows and/or sheep and then be on their way. Many wolf packs may encounter an area of their territory only once a year so if they encounter your ranch they'll pick off a few animals and you'll never see them again. Of course if hunting is bad in their area they may come back for more, which is understandable for you to want to get rid of them. Also something to point out, wolves are in the canine family which means they are the cousins of dogs- yes, the very household pets you lovingly take care of. The only difference between a wolf and a dog is that wolves are wild (and there are many and various species of dogs that look nothing like their wolf cousins). I would like for everyone, those who oppose wolf hunting and those who are for it, to actually educate themselves about wolves especially about what they eat, their pack sizes, their territories, and their nature. I think the 1st step to this whole ordeal is to know what a wolf truly is and how it functions because no matter who you are if you know nothing about wolves you have no right to comment on this subject. I have done many and extensive research projects on wolves so I'm fairly certain I know quite a bit about them, that and the fact that they are my favorite animals in the world and my room is covered in wolf posters and managerie. I'm not going to tell Robert Millage his family is perverted and needs to die, I'm not going to tell HIM that he's perverted and needs to die. While I'm very disturbed and displeased I have more respect for myself and others than to slander someone I do not even know (although if you think about it some of the bad comments he deserves). So if any of you count me in the "treehugger" "Idiotic environmentalist" "lunatic" etc. groups then by all means do so but you know nothing about me and I can assure you that I am a very intelligent human being who would not make this long comment if I did not care and know about wolves extinsively and care about humanity.

  8. To conclude wolf hunting is unecessary no matter where you live, if you have a problem with wolves eating your livestock then get a better fence, if you love hunting elk so much that you despise wolves for eating them then I suggest you find another animal to hunt or get another hobby, and don't hate the haters simply because you are uneducated and feel they are also uneducated. I'm not attacking anyone I'm simply stating facts (and yes, everything I said is a fact). I'm pro-wolf and totally against wolf-hunting but not hunting in general although I would never hunt an animal because I would much rather prefer hunting humans, unfortunately it's very illegal and against my God's Ten Commandments to murder a human right now. There is 1 difference between humans and animals because we are, in essence, animals (Here's our taxonomy if you need the proof: Kingdom: Animalia, Phylum: Chordata, Class: Mammal, Order: Primate, Family: Hominid, Genus: Homo, Species: sapien) the 1 difference is (drum roll please) opposable thumbs.

  9. Once again I'm not harrassing anyone, although if anyone who dares to comment otherwise wants to know what true harrassment is I would be glad to educate them about that as well. I simply wanted to give a few facts and educate everyone involved in this sad event and state my point on the matter. Whether it's legal or not to kill a wolf does that really mean it's right and moral? Do we really benefit from innocent bloodshed no matter how many livestock wolves have killed? Do you honestly feel that wolves deserve to be extinct because of the many misconceptions there are about them? And to those who responded with hate for the haters, my last and probably most scathing comment: GET A LIFE. Thanks and have a great day, I hope this has informed all of you and given you what you wanted out of an anti-wolf hunt commenter. If not I'll be happy to comment many more times on the issue but until then I believe this shall do for now. Please at least take me and my comment seriously if nothing else and try to do research on the wolves you say you know so much about just because you live in the areas where you are greatly affected by them and try to see someone else's point of view on the subject as I have despite my utter hate for the slaughter of wolves. If I, a mere 17 year old girl, can construct such a serious and factual argument taking into account other people's views and oppositions I believe that you adults can do the same and maybe even better. If I have given you false data or you feel my argument is insufficient I can also understand and won't hold it against anyone if they feel the need to reply hatefuly to my comment, but that does not mean I won't reply in kind for my patience and kindness does not last forever and despite my christian faith I won't tolerate anyone slandering me for stating my opinion. So feel free to post this Robert, I'm sure all the readers will enjoy it in their own way. God bless, because it is wrong to wish anyone ill will and I hope the people that threaten you are not serious or plan to take out their threats because we are all merely human and make mistakes and if you do not regret it your life is not the cost of it by any means.

  10. Hello Robert,

    I just read the article on your wolf hunt in F&S. Congrats on a beautiful pelt. It never ceases to amaze me how the anti's wouldn't think twice about hurting a human being over that of an animal they don't understand. I wish you good luck in life and in the field. If this makes me a stupid redneck with a small willie, so be it, I already knew.

  11. Shadow Wolf Z you act like livesock is free. Maybe you should do a little research on that i bet if you were losing 1500 dollars a cow from wolves you wouldnt love them quite as much. Then you say people kill more livestock than wolves well duh thats how farmers make a living, thats the reason they raise cattle to sell them to the slaughtering houses and when they lose one to a wolf there is money out of their pocket when its not that easy to make money off of cattle or any other livestock. Not everyone has the money to just surround their whole property with a fence that will keep wolves out. The conservation wouldn't of made a season if they didnt think the wolves would survive it, give the guy a break he did nothing wrong.

  12. I'm not greedy and if they can't afford a fence to protect their livestock then why choose that trade in the first place? It's only common sense, because there are other animals that prey on livestock, in fact, more dogs have killed sheep than wolves, maybe we should start killing dogs? Bears, cougers, and coyotes have also killed, and with coyotes being the top, the weather is the second highest killer, wolves are the least, so does killing wolves really solve the bigger problem? I have done my research thank you very much if you couldn't tell, and BTW the conservation that delisted them didn't make the hunting seasons, the state's own legislature did. There's a group of people who are actually helping the ranchers and farmers by steering the wolves away from their herds, which is what should be happening, instead of just killing them because we're ignorant.