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Friday, September 11, 2009

Some of the worst posted online

A myspace page of some of my biggest fans

Via News Vine

Only an uncivilized, marginally developed genitalia, morally, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially deficient person, with criminal and sadistic tendencies, who prays on innocence and the voiceless, would consider beating his bodies to the punch by such senseless murder. Obviously, he could not beat his bodies to the punch by maybe finding a cure for Cancer, or feeding the hungry or, helping the needy because he just does not have what it takes to be a man. Shame on him and shame on all who take advantage of their privilege of being part of the mother nature, by killing, raping and maiming animals. And of course, back to the under developed genitalia and having no guts, they can't do it with bare hands and they resort to high power riffles. These are the same people that if they could get away with raping the children and their mothers and even fathers, they would. I bet this Robert BOY has molested a child sometime in his life!

I guess killing a wolf, made him feel like a real macho man or something. cause he is a pretty small limited guy in my eyes. People are worst than animals.

This is a sin against the white abomination against the noble wolf.......such a sadness, such a waste of a beautiful creature. The Native Americans who respect the earth and all it's life have every right to distain the government and the white man - after all - the president is half white. God help us. The rednecks be damned.....................

Man is the only animal who could disappear off of the face of the earth without a negative effect -- actually with a beneficial effect to the planet. I think that says it all.

there is no reason for these wolf hunts. let's put these hunters and other stupid people who don't like the wolf in the crosshairs.

White Fang
Friends of Animals called for a boycott of Idaho potatos. We need to go a lot further than that and boycott Montana, Idaho and Wyoming tourism. Think about it and there are little and legal things you can do everyday to cost this culture big money. I spent my summer vacation in Minnesota, a state that lives with and respects its wolves. Having vacationed regularly in Montana and Wyoming, it will be a helluva long time (if ever) I return to drop any cash in their states. Yeah, they lost $3,000 to $4,000 this year just from that. Wyoming and Montana's loss is Minnesota's gain and I plan to go there again next year. It is outrageous that Montana Governor Schweitzer publicly implores Judge Malloy not to interfere in the hunt arguing state's rights. Almost sounds like he is ready to join Perry and Palin in seceeding from the United States. He needs to be ousted from the Democratic Party together with Ken Salazar. The Obama campaign, likewise, will get no more donations or volunteer work from this writer fed up with their environmental double speak.

Killing for the sake of killing should be outlawed, period. You people should be ashamed and fear for your souls.
- misterhappy

Maybe they should start an open season on wolf hunters.
- Jamie-553631

Perhaps we could introduce people culling seasons. We have too many gun lovers and republicans. Lets cull some of those

No Party Affiliation
Agree 100% Ken! I don't consider hunters or ranchers to be necessary to society, much less viable human beings. What sport is there in hunting? The animals have no real chance. As for ranchers, like those in my state, they raise non-native livestock (cattle) that make the desert here even worse, and so they will get paid by the Govt, claim every dead herd member they find was a wolf kill. Both groups sicken me. Wolves (and other animals) are needed in the local and general bio-diversity, something Nature has been doing for billions of years. Modern humans have only been around for about 100,000 years yet most people have the gall to think they know what is best when it comes to nature. HA! Most, if not all, of those who advocate hunting couldn't survive without someone acting as their leader and telling them how to think. Mindless sheeple..what a terrible waste...mindless sheeple with guns = menace to all life.
@shil - alternative ideas: get a stun gun, stun baton, pepper spray, etc... people who own guns are much more likely to be involved in a gun related injury or death than those without them. Protect yourself, but why use as barbaric an item as a gun when there are so many alternatives? Go to your local Martial Arts school and learn self defense, have the wife and kids do the same thing. Why is a powerful killing weapon the best, or only, choice for "protection"? Hope you don't come home late one night and startle the wife who shoots you thinking she's protecting herself, or that your kid(s) get a hold of your gun and shoot themselves or a playmate. All-together too frequently happening these days, because no one is 100% careful with their guns. We're mere mortals, and thus make mistakes all the time

So because Wolves are "vicious" we should kill them? What about humans and our vicious behavior....maybe we should start sport hunting humans, help the over population of people.

Nobody really cares what you use to do your killing with. Only a bunch of redneck hicks would give a rats a** as to what you have. Why dont you take your kids out and rub them in blood and let them wounder around a wolf pack and see what it is like to not have a fighting chance

Baloney! Go to the elk feeding grounds any winter day and you will see thousands! It's humans that take the healthiest and best animals. Wolves take the weakest. It has been scientifically documented that wolves have IMPROVED the Yellowstone ecosystem.
Kill a hunter and save 100 elk!

Kill a hunter and save a whole herd of Elk. You worse then a wolf killing a sick Elk or deer. Most hunters only kill for the horns and nothing eles other then to say " Hey look at the 10 point I got last year" DEATH TO THE HUNTERS. Open season on hunters should start SOON

Yeah open a season on humans and maybe we will have a balance at last. We could solve so many of the worlds problems if we could get the human population under control.

Chris L.-339676
I for one think that the species which should be thinned out the most is homo sapiens. They can start with the right wing ignoramuses which preach mythology over science and who still get a thrill from killing other things. Artificial selection!

Defenders of Wildlife..........................

Cindy M.
1 week ago
Totally ridiculous. They are selling 70,000 tags to kill 220 wolves. Now what do you think is going to happend? This is going to be a field day for these hunters. They have been waiting a long time to do this. Want to see a Blood bath. Well just keep reading over the next couple of weeks because this is going to be the worse slaughter of wolves ever and they are going to love every minute of it. They are already posting pictures all over the internet of their kills and they are sad and sickening. Them with their cocky ass smiles knowing we are reading and watching this. They are rubbing it in our faces!!
This isn't going to be just go shoot a wolf and I am done. This is going to be bad!!!
This is a Sorry picture. How dare he poses this poor dead wolf on his bag as if it is a pet sleeping. These hunters a enjoying this. Don't ever think that this is going to be fair because it isn't

Defenders of Wildlife on Face Book
to many to even sort through so here is a link


  1. Why are all you people up his ass about a fucking wolf. Its just an oversized coyote. I kill coyotes all the time amd no one sends me hate mail and death threats. Give the dude a break, he only shot 1.

  2. Really landolth? You think this is about him shooting one wolf? You should educate yourself and fidn out what's really going on here because clearly you're a lost puppy. And honestly, you know nothing about wolves or coyotes if you think a wolf is just "an oversized coyote".

  3. What is really going on here? pretty sure he did everything by the book

  4. What's going on is that wolves were hunted almost to extinction because of farmers who don't know how to build fences, so they were put on the endangered species list and have been for the past few decades, but now they're apparently recovering in number, so right after they get delisted in a few states, they decide to set up a hunting season. Soon they'll be back on the endangered species list, when they're actually doing more good to the environment than anyone cares to notice. Yes he legally killed a wolf, but there's no need for the huntign season in the first place.

  5. Good for this man! He is only help managing an illegally introduced Canadian Grey Wolf. GROW UP